Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jesus is HERE

Jesus is just everywhere these days isn't He?
I find it funny when people have these freak outs based on seeing something that looks like Jesus on a tortilla or loaf of bread or something. And then it sells like crazy on Ebay or something and people think it's holy or whatever. Well, the latest thing is of course this telephone poll that must signal the second coming...apparently.
Sure, that's what it looks like and if I saw it, I would recognize JC up there too. But I wouldn't see it as a sign that it's a holy moment or a place to now worship. But then again, if I found Jesus on my tortilla, I would also probably sell Him on Ebay. I mean, I'd just take that as God's way of providing me a way to get out of debt. So I don't fault those people who have the smarts to sell that stuff online, they are no more profiting from religion than televangelists are really...or the people who put the Footprints poem on posters and mugs.
But all that really matters here is that Jesus is here people! Start checking the telephone polls, tortillas, under bridges and stains! Because apparently Jesus isn't here unless we see him in baked goods and growing around telephone polls...

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