Friday, September 10, 2010

It's the most wonderful weekend of the year!

Get excited gang! It's VMA weekend! That means that my favorite of all the award shows will be unleashing more moments that we will talk about for a year. And there's always the possibility that the show could be really really bad, as it has been recently.Lets face it. The VMAs haven't really been all that great since Britney stopped performing. I mean, they just haven't. It was that entire era where artists knew that the VMAs were a place to really showcase themselves and their music. It was about huge scale performances. Hundreds of guys dressed exactly like Eminem walking from the street to the stage. Michael Jackson coming out to dance with N'Sync. Christina Aguilera trying to be edgy and failing every single time. There just isn't any of that anymore. I mean, Missy Elliot came down from the ceiling while Nelly Furtado slid down the tongue of a giant Missy head. Where's that stuff anymore?
What? Gaga's boob bleeding? That's not crazy. That' just stupid. What purpose did that serve? None.
Britney needs to bring the spectacle back and show these folks how it's done because they are sadly lacking. It's bad if the biggest thing that happens at the VMAs is Kanye being an idiot...which he still is.

Sidenote on the Christina thing: How BAD does Burlesque look?! I mean really. It looks like it could land up there in the worst movies/worst writing/worst acting ever brackets. I mean, it really looks bad. I also love that Christina has completely abandoned her album that failed miserably. I read something where she said that she didn't care about album sales and where her singles were on the charts. She just does what she loves. Right. You keep doing that and keep failing. Let's see how long they let you continue to "do what you love" when you aren't making any money. Get it together. And I'm pretty sure that Burlesque won't exactly be a comeback for her.

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