Saturday, September 25, 2010

I met two women.

I met two really cool women today, one of which has been a part of my life since I got my very first DVD player. That's right. I said it. We go way back.
I am interning at an Off-Broadway theatre right? Well, two women came to performances of shows today that really just made my day.
Perhaps the most notable of them is Ruby Dee. She has been a dominant figure in black movies and black culture for decades and was nominated for an Oscar a few years ago. She is friends with the playwright and she came to see the show. So that was really cool to meet her. I was scared that if anyone touched her, she'd shatter into a million pieces...she's all kinds of old...but still. To my knowledge, she didn't shatter.

The second woman is Lois Smith, someone you may not know the name of but you certainly know her face. That's because she was Aunt Meg in Twister! I mean, come on. That's pretty freakin cool. I mean, Twister was the dopest movie when it came out. I mean, who can forget "Cow." Right?! I love this movie and it may be all kinds of hokey, but I don't care. Not one bit. It wasn't the first movie I bought on DVD (we all know that was You've Got Mail) but it was perhaps the second.
I didn't get to have conversations with either of these women, and that's alright. I just thought it was cool to be around them for a bit. I met an Academy Award nominee and Aunt Meg from Twister. That constitutes a win.

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