Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hangin from bars

I love this. I love that there are toddlers hanging from these bars, training to be the next Olympic cheaters...I mean champions. (I had to, it was too easy) They insert their children into this system and the government spits them out as winners. It's like a strange machine, a human machine, where people are being harvested in a Matrix-like way to produce something greater for China. Not producing something greater for the actual person, but for China and for their parents.
In America, we are very much focused on the individual. We applaud Evan Lysacek for winning the gold medal, not his coaches who made him capable. We fault a single actor for the failure of a movie, even though it takes a great many people to produce something as bad as Jonah Hex. We are focused on 'looking out' for ourselves because that's what we've been conditioned to know to do. I mean, in our culture, if you don't take care of yourself, you are going to get run over by everyone else and while it may come across as selfish or self-serving, we have to take care of us first.
Culture is fascinating because it's so polarizing. It's all we see, day in and day out. Being over in London this summer was interesting because it was all about seeing another culture. It's fascinating to exist in and experience what another group of people lives in day in and day out. But these two cultures are both pretty individual-centric. Pretty sure I wasn't hanging off a gymnastic bar as a toddler with the hopes of bringing honor to my family name.
Please. I don't need gymnastics for all that.
My father saves lives for a living. My grandfather owned a club, a radio station, dyed some rabbits green and broke into Doris Day's house. My brother kicked Prince Harry out of a bar in Dallas. My uncle's dad owned the cows that made Blue Bell ice cream possible (suck it Dreyers). Both of my grandfathers were in the service, one raised chinchillas while he did it. My mom is one degree of separation from Patrick Dempsey. We clap for people when they open their Christmas presents and queso is served with EVERYTHING. There's an indian painting in my grandparent's house that's scarier than any movie you've ever seen. My aunt makes sugar cookies that can make grown men weep. My mom is the cool mom that the other kids wished they had and who spent time making sure that premature babies made it til their first birthday. My great-grandfather was richer than God and sang like a Cherokee indian. Me and my sister knock old broads out on the day after Thanksgiving (don't get inbetween us and the DVDs lady) and can quote almost anyone under the table with TV. So see. I've got your honor right there. Those are just some silly kids hanging from bars.

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