Friday, September 10, 2010

Girls! Girls! Girls!

There is so much to look forward to this fall on television and it's interesting to me that it all really involves women.
Women on television have always been important, whether the industry recognized it at the time or not, and it's exciting to see so much going on with women on TV this season.
Gossip Girl heads to Paris, I was a week or two shy of being there at the time they were there filming, and it looks like it's going to make for some good TV. All I know is that Serena ends up in a fountain and that Chuck
Bass stares at Blair as she drives by. I'm there.
Then Betty White is popping up on Community, one of the great comedies on TV right now. Now I've blogged about Community before and how it took 10 episodes for me to finally get it and find it funny. But I did and I do. I mean, that paintball episode was one of the greatest episodes of television. Period. And as much as I'm kinda getting tired of Betty White popping up all over the place, she's funny and that's all that matters. I think that the day she
dies (probably somewhere around 2034) will become a national day of mourning at this point.
Then there are the Housewives, consistently in the top 10 shows of the week but not talked
about all that much anymore. The show had a rough season and it kinda sucked the buzz out of the show a few years ago, but these last two seasons have been incredibly wonderful, charming, and funny. Now, they've brought Vanessa Williams onto the show, which is all kinds of brilliant on so many levels. She's the same age as these women, she's a big star like they are, and she can hold her own. It seems like it will be a really good addition to Wisteria Lane.
Television is going to be great this year. I'm excited about what is going to happen. Idol is going to be different, it's Steve Carrell's last year on The Office and Amy Poehler is hosting the first episode of SNL. We can only hope that both Caitlin and Dakota Fanning show up that night as well.

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