Saturday, September 18, 2010


I've come across some really stupid people in my day, and there are some even stupider celebs out there. But I really think that Ms. Lohan has got to be the absolute stupidest of them all.
I mean, after everything, what is this girl doing? Now she's admitted to failing a drug test a couple days ago? Was she not JUST in jail? Was she not JUST in rehab? I mean, what's going on with this girl? Especially when she has all the money in the world. When you have that much money, you don't need to get high to have a good time. Actually, it doesn't matter how much money you have, you don't have to get high to have a good time. (insert that cartoon Sherlock-looking anti-drug dog here)
I think that the world should be collectively done with her. I mean it. I feel like she shouldn't be on magazines, she shouldn't be on news reports, she shouldn't be online. Her twitter privileges should be revoked, she should be banned from any and all industry events and red carpets. The world would be a better place without having to constantly hear about her insane and inappropriate level of tomfoolery.

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