Friday, September 24, 2010


What is wrong with this girl? For real. What is wrong with her?
And I want to know where the parenting is here. I mean, she clearly has lost her mind. Perhaps someone should lock her in a room until she has decided to play nice with society. I mean, come on girl. I'll never understand these idiot celebrities who have the entire world at their fingertips and they just continue to mess things up. Mess it up once, you're human. Mess it up twice, you're stubborn. But continue over and over again to mess things up and get yourself thrown in jail, then you need help. And that doesn't just apply to celebs either. It applies to all matters of humans who are out there being idiots on a daily basis because they think it's cool, hip, trendy, hood, tough, or some form of deranged accomplishment.

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