Friday, September 17, 2010


I'm currently working in marketing and so I've taken note of some recent ads that caught my eye. Not that I'm doing anything like these ads, though I'd love to, but I think it's interesting the things that people used to sell things.
First is Posh and Becks, the most beautiful couple on the planet. They've been trying to get people to smell like them for years now and yes, I've bought his cologne. But now they've got signature scents that are coming out together. How better to sell that then to make out in an elevator right? I mean, I'm completely fine with that.
Then there's Christina Hendricks' new campaign for London Fog. Now, I don't think there's anything foggy about this. She's stunningly beautiful, she has boobs that go on for days, and I feel like more women should wear this trench coat. See. Advertising works.
I just think it's all very interesting how we try to get people to buy things and how there's an entire industry that makes billions of dollars, focused on making other people want to buy what you're selling. It's, of course, at it's most ridiculous when it comes to fashion and perfumes because they just throw sexy people on the screen and we're all like "Go! Go! Go! Gotta get that! Go! Becks said so! Go!" What gets me is when Padma says Dial Nutriskin over and over again on Top Chef. Am I really going to buy more Dial because she said that? No. I'm not.
But who cares? The pictures are pretty so I'll gladly stay in their target audience as long as the pictures are that pretty.

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