Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I love that there was more hype over this episode of Glee, and let's face it, last week's episode of Glee was real bad, so it has needed some good blood in it.
I mean, when Kurt said, "Britney Spears IS pop culture," he was right. And right now, Glee is a part of that pop culture, even though it's really a fumbley show. We don't have to go into the fact that the whole sending them to the dentist thing was a real stretch and didn't make any real sense at all. But redoing the videos was really something that was wonderful. I mean, these are the videos that all current female videos are based on these days. I mean, it's true. Female videos look the way they do now because of Britney. And watching them do Baby One More Time was something that was really special. I mean, I remember when that video came out. I remember being obsessed with it and learning all the dancing. I remember where I was the first time I heard Oops. I remember skipping out of class early to get home to watch the VMAs when she debuted Slave.
She's important and has remained that way. Even with her bout of crazy, she remained important and I don't really know why. I mean, I think people just like her. At their core, they just like her. They root for her. And that hasn't changed since she got a bit crazy. What happened when she released her last album? It went to number one and so did Womanizer. Then her tour sold out. She's still important.
Which is why it's a big deal that this episode is about her and it's why everyone has made a big deal out of it. Because she's a bigger deal than the show she's on.
I do wish the show was better and that the songs they used made sense with what was going on, rather than just being thrown in there. I felt the same way about Promises, Promises on Broadway. I also find it interesting that much of the pop culture references are from the late 80s and early 90s. Not exactly time periods that the target audience is familiar with. I mean, I thought the Blossom and Kids Incorporated comments were funny, but then I get that reference. I guarantee the high school kids watching this show did not get it.
But let's give it up to the writers for finally getting something right. When Rachel is waking up and asks, "is this real life?" that was genius. Spoofing youtube. Genius.
I would also like to give Lea Michele mad props for that Paramore song because she was infinitely better than the girl that actually sings is. I mean, come on Hayley. Why suck so terribly? Why do it? Learn from Britney. Learn to be better than everyone else.

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