Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brilliant Fox.

I think that the Idol judges being who they are is a BRILLIANT move on the part of Fox. Here's why.
First off, they aren't trying to replace a certain figure or certain personality on the show and I think that's very smart. No one is ever going to be like Simon or Paula. They just aren't. So, don't try to make the new judges like them.
Second, choosing people who have excelled at what they do. I mean, JLo is flawless at everything, but she's done everything that the Idol hopefuls aspire to do and she's been incredibly successful at doing it. And she, more than anyone, knows how an image can make or break you. Steven Tyler is one of the most famous rock stars ever and while he looks like the Crypt Keeper, "Walk This Way" is one of the best songs ever on the radio.
Third, because it's interesting and strange. Picking these people are strange. They aren't people who are currently at the top of their game, they aren't people who we revere their opinions. This is a completely new slate. Which is what this show needs.
Let's face it guys. The last two years of this show have been really bad with winners who haven't really done much. Does anyone even remember the guy's name who won this year? I mean, what a throw-away year. The media keeps saying that it's been losing steam, but in reality, the only steam it's had in recent years is Adam Lambert.
So I fully support this new panel, especially since we have to listen to Seacrest and his big bag of self-indulgent bulls**t for another however many years. You know I think he's the best TV host out there, but really. The whole homo-erotic arguments that occurred between him and Simon were really taxing. I just wanted them to whip em out and measure so we could move on. Maybe now that he's no longer the diva on the show and JLo is, he will calm it down. We can only hope.
So I applaud Fox for doing something that so many people are going to criticize because I think that theoretically, it works.

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