Friday, September 24, 2010

Another thing I don't understand

I'm a little unclear about this whole Don't Ask Don't Tell issue. I mean, I have real questions about it. Perhaps you can help.
What's the big deal exactly? I mean, why is it a problem that dudes and dudettes are open about how they live their lives if they are in the military? I mean, they are already serving right? So they're already gay right? So what's the big deal that they are allowed to be open about it? I guess I don't understand.
To be honest, I felt bad for them this week. I felt bad that they lost that in the Senate this week. It just seems so simple to me and I don't really understand the rationale behind it.
Are they afraid that more gay guys will join the military? Don't they need more service men and women anyways? So what's the problem? And I really have a problem with kicking people out of the military for being gay. I don't understand that at all. I wish someone would explain that to me so I could get a grasp on why they think that's okay.
I suppose it's all basis of the 'good-ol'boys' who are running the military and their desire not to change things. I've never been a fan of the good-ol-boy mentality really so it makes sense that it would irk me. I mean, I've known men that kinda have that air about them. That southern, rough, harsh personality to them that in the south, people somehow find endearing but I find really obnoxious.
So. I keep trying to figure out why this is a big deal and nothing I read from any of the people who voted against it really adds up to making much sense. I guess we just have to add this to the list of things I don't understand in this world.

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