Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another one bites the dust

Confession. I de-friended someone on Facebook today because they were ugly.
Well, maybe that's not the only reason. They're obnoxious too. And the obnoxiousness of this person was really the reason they got the ax, but the final nail that broke the camel, the final straw that broke the coffin, was a new batch of pictures that were posted in which they looked so ugly that I made a really ugly (why-make-it) face when I saw them on my feed.
And let me tell you, there was no deliberation. It was an immediate reaction. I had to get rid of this person so they will no longer clutter my Facebook feed with their unique brand of obnoxious ugly. We aren't friends anyways. I mean, we met somewhere, passed each other in certain circles and stuff, but we aren't friends. So really, am I being that mean? No. I'm not.
And I'm just telling the truth here. Would you want to wake up and see ugly on your Facebook feed first thing in the morning? Absolutely not. Don't you judge me.

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