Monday, September 13, 2010

20 minutes into today

I've been awake for 20 minutes and I'm already angry. ANGER.
Here's the thing. I don't need to read everyone's comments on the VMAs last night. Mostly because people are stupid and so are their opinions. If you thought Kanye was awesome, you have a flawed view on performances. If you give Usher's performance the same grade of "B" as you give Nicki Minaj (Entertainment Weekly), then I can't read your list anymore because you clearly have lost your mind.
Here's the other thing. Why is every single person from Texas' Facebook status about the Cowboys losing last night? Why? Why would you think that anyone would care how you feel about the holding call that lost them the game? This is something I don't understand. It's the Cowboys for God's sake. They lose all the time. Why is this shocking to anyone?
Lastly. There was a guy whose Facebook status was "Watching Lost with a friend - and my opinion still stands. If you consider the writers of Lost to be creative, then you need to consider writers of all soap operas (including telenovelas) to be geniuses."
I de-friended him. Without hesitation. It was an immediate reaction. Boom. Gone. And do I feel bad about it? No. Because I never have to see his idiocy on my Facebook feed ever again. (In all honesty, he's obnoxious anyways but this was the final straw)
So don't mess with me today. I have anger issues and once I get my coffee, I will have caffeinated anger issues. If you cross me, I will not hesitate to de-friend you. (I'll actually be irritated for about another 20 minutes and then it will be time to move on with life and forget about it but we can just keep that between you and me. Others don't have to know.)

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