Saturday, August 21, 2010

There's only one Tonight

I've been immersed in classic Broadway as of late and I felt it would only be fitting to see the most recent production of West Side Story on Broadway.

I've never seen a production of West Side Story before, though I've of course seen the film. I know the music and I've been told a million times how it's the greatest musical ever to grace the stage, but I wasn't prepared at all for this.

From the moment the music started, it was everything I've ever heard it would be. I mean, when Maria and Tony catch each other's was everything that the film made it out to be and more. In my most humble opinion, there are moments in musical theater that are unmatched in iconic status and depth of meaning. The chandelier falling in Phantom, the marching at the close of the first act of Les Miz, the opening of The Lion King, Elphaba taking flight in Wicked, and when Tony and Maria meet and dance for the first time in West Side Story. (snap snap)

The music is the most iconic music in the history of musical theater, and whether you choose to believe me or not, it is. And the dancing. THE DANCING. It was just so spectacular and exhilarating. so flawless. And let me tell you, even with knowing the ending, it was gut-wrenching when it actually got there. I mean, it just felt like my chest was caving in, the acting was that good.

Now, having seen it, I can agree with everyone who's ever said that it's a masterpiece and I will say that anyone who can go see this production, should. It was stunning and my love affair with the classics is alive and well. Probably stronger now than ever.

I have loved Broadway for a long time, but now, I love the one that started it all.

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