Sunday, August 22, 2010

So good it hurts

Remember when Mad Men has been the best show on television for three years and tonight's episode was so wonderfully genius, so incredibly smart, and so profoundly awesome that it cemented it's status as the reigning show on the air?I mean, really. This season has been really good, but it's been getting progressively better. The stories are better, the characters that you actually care about are more visible, and the best part of all? JOAN. Joan finally gets the screen time that she's deserved since the very beginning of this show.
If you don't watch Mad Men, you probably don't care about anything I'm writing and while I don't fault you for not caring, I do fault you for not watching this show.
In an age where television has the capacity to become less a form of entertainment and more a platform for art, this is a show that is leading the way. Even in the ever crowding world of cable channel shows that are all vying for top notoriety, this show has remained consistently at the summit.
I mean, come on. Peggy on a motorcycle doing donuts on a sound stage to throw off the gay dude from Desperate Housewives? Now that's just awesome.

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