Friday, August 27, 2010

She is...

I wanted to title this blog "Why Katy Perry is the Most Fun Girl in Music Today" but I thought that people would scoff and not read it.But I do feel that way. I do. And here's why:
She doesn't take herself too seriously. She doesn't have the chops like Beyonce and she's not as freaky deaky as the GaGa and she's not as sexy as Britney. But what she does, she does very very well. Colorful and creative outfits? Check. Catchy music? Check. And we're back to her not taking herself too seriously which I appreciate so very much.
GaGa takes herself way too seriously. I mean, she believes that's she's the best thing to happen to music since auto-tuning. When you put her and Kanye in a room together, there might as well be no one else there since they're both so full of themselves that they don't have room for anyone else. AND - the only time GaGa ever seems like she's got any life in her at all is when she's performing. Katy Perry seems to exude fun and life. Like her or not, she's the most fun thing to happen to music in a long time.
And really, she shouldn't be here. Let's face it, "I Kissed A Girl" should have been a one-hit-wonder moment. But it wasn't. She kept knocking out hits and now we are on album two and she's already had two hits from it with more on the way. In an age where seasoned performers and huge stars are having trouble selling singles and records on iTunes, she's succeeding...and seemingly having a great time doing it. And shouldn't that be what we all want? To do what we love, be successful at it and have a great time doing it? Personally, I think that's something we should all want in whatever we're doing in our own lives.

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