Thursday, August 26, 2010

A rant.

I have concerns. I have concerns about this new wave of facebook that's got everyone "checking in" at where ever they are. I'm concerned about that. Why do we need to know exactly? I mean, I already thought people put too much information out there on the internet, but now, if I want to kill you, all I have to do is look at your facebook, see exactly where you are, and then go kill you.
Yes, that's a bit extreme, but I think it fits. Why do we need to know where everyone is every minute of the day? What does it matter if you are eating chicken or buying batteries? Why do we all need to know?
I think we have this compulsion to just jump into these new fads without thinking about it. We just do it because it's there, not because it makes sense at all. I mean, really, it makes absolutely no sense at all to be telling people where you are every minute of the day.
It's like people who write on facebook about their dogs. Why? Why do we need to know about the goings on of your pet? What would make you possibly think that I remotely cared about the fact that you are spending the night at home with Pumpkin, or Pepper, or Sophie or whatever the dog's name is? What really irritates me is when people update post after post after post about their dog. THAT, I really don't understand. Is there nothing better going on in your life that all you have to update about is that fluffy thing you throw under your arm in photos to seem perky and lovable?
Yes. This was a rant. A rant brought to you by facebook updates all across the internet.

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