Thursday, August 26, 2010

Listening to an Owl

I was just transported to a year ago. BOOM! I'm there.
I'm at work, listening to the Owl City album and suddenly, I'm back sitting at my table in my apartment, windows and doors open for the fall breeze, fall scented candle lit and probably something baking in the oven. Football is on the TV but it's muted and I'm not really watching it. There's a glass pumpkin in the center of the table that's half full of candy corn. I'm suddenly back in Apartment 3.
I've written about Apartment 3 a few times on here and the further away from it I get, the more I realize how great of a place it was. Granted, I know that I will have other awesome abodes in the future, and I'm certainly not complaining about where I'm living now. It's just not home, and Apartment 3 was home.
So I will keep listening to Owl City (the perfect study music by the way) and reminiscing about a time that I loved so much. I think it's healthy for us to do that every now and then. It makes us appreciate what we had and how we were affected by it. Plus, that was a damn awesome blue couch.

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