Monday, August 2, 2010

Ireland is better

You know when you hear about something and build up is so great that the truth is a let down? You know? Like, when someone tells you that a cookie is the best cookie you'll ever have, you eat it, and sure, it's good but it's not the best ever?
That's kinda how I feel about the whole of Scotland. It sounds so great and so exciting to think about. I'm going to Scotland! How exciting! Kilts!
And it was exciting...for a few hours, but when that excitement wore off, I was bored. Very very bored. Don't get me wrong. It was beautiful there and it looked exactly like I imagined that Scotland would look, but once you've seen it, then what?
I knew that London was a great place but it wasn't until I went to Scotland that I really understood just how great of a place it is. Please don't get me wrong, I did enjoy my time in Scotland and I'm glad I went to see it. But I've seen it and it was time to get out of there. I need buildings and people and trains and noise and internet.
Plus, you know it's not good when the locals say that other places are better. Our waiter and this killer italian restaurant we went to told us that Ireland was better than Edinburgh...granted, his reasoning was a bit hollow. "Because I'm from there."
Be that as it may, I got some beautiful pictures of the flowers and nature and whatnot but I will say that I'm so glad to be back in London, if only for a day. But the thought of Scotland was really exciting, kinda like the thought of Lindsay Lohan being in jail for three months...but just like Lindsay's jail sentence, it only lasted so long. But it was good while it lasted.

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