Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm lovin it

Waking up in America this morning was weird. I mean, having spent the past month waking up in European countries, waking up and seeing my room and my stuff was moderately jarring. Not that it's not great to be back in the States because it is. IT IS.
I know. You're wondering why. It's a good thing I don't hold any punches.
First and foremost, the obvious answer here is that I'm happy to see the McCafe logo on McDonalds. I mean, I've missed that more than anything. You don't know how much you can miss Hazelnut Iced Coffees until you are unable to have them.
Second, I know you're thinking it's strange that I didn't give this reason as number one, but it goes without saying that the second thing I missed was texting. Yes. The ability to just text someone something random or something important is completely underrated until you can't do it. Especially for someone who is as tapped in to communication as I am, but it feels good to be able to text again.
Third, and definitely not least of course, I missed my sister's dog Lucy. I mean, really. The thing that kept me going the entire time I was there was the thought that I would see that crazy-ass dog again. It's true gang. It's true.
Sure, I missed a few people here and there, but it was all about the coffee, texting, and puppies.
And I sure hope you can read the sarcasm where it was intended...but only where it was intended.

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