Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glee didn't win!

It's no surprise that I love television. That's not weird. But I especially love television when excellence is rewarded.
Tonight, excellence was rewarded on the Emmys. There weren't a lot of surprises but that's just fine, at the end of the night, the right two shows were crowned. No. There was no upset. Glee was not robbed of the Emmy. Really, Glee was at the bottom of that list because it's NOT A GOOD SHOW. Yes, the music is wonderful and the performance sequences are great but the writing is terrible, the stories suck and the acting is real bad (save for Sue who wholly deserved her Emmy). So that was no surprise to me.
Modern Family is not only the best new show on television but it's the best traditional show that's come out, probably since Friends, Frasier and Raymond went off the air. I did think that Lost might have a shot at winning the big one since they won their first year and I thought they might take it their last year, but really, Mad Men is the best show on television and has been for three years running. No question about it. And I'm glad that the awards just keep coming for it because I think that a show that has maintained that level of creative artistry and integrity should be rewarded. It's not just TV. It's art.
The one thing that I did find surprising was a moment when Al Pacino was accepting his award. He played Dr. Kevorkian in a TV movie and he won for his performance. Well, shock of all shocks, the doctor was in the house. Yes. Dr. Kevorkian, Dr. Death, the man that helped people commit suicide, was sitting there in the Emmys auditorium...and people were thanking him...and they applauded him. What am I missing? What part of this suddenly became okay? When did we start applauding people for helping others kill themselves? I'm sorry. This is lost on me.
I must say that the opening of the Emmys was the best opener that there has ever been to the Emmys. Really. By having the Glee kids dance with Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, Hurley from Lost, the girl from the Vampire Diaries, Jimmy Fallon, Betty White, and as obnoxious as she is, it was awesome to see Kate Gosselin make fun of herself. Then, Top Chef won which was so glorious because let's face it, we all love Top Chef and it's about time it's rewarded for being awesome.

The moral of this rant is: I love television and tonight, the best of television was displayed for us to see. The montages, the people singing in the musical interludes with Jimmy Fallon, the winners, it was all just so celebratory of the medium that I love so much.

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