Monday, August 23, 2010

The first day syndrome

The first day of big events in my life are always interesting and it's become a family inside joke. Oh no! It's the first day of school! Here's the reason.
My first day of high school. I like many other students, was nervous about this new phase in my life for multiple reasons. I mean, the obvious is that it's a new school, older kids, blah blah blah. But the less-obvious reason is that I had to take the bus. I'd lived in the same neighborhood as my school before and so taking the bus wasn't applicable to me. We found where the bus stops were, I got there early and I was ready to go...until the bus didn't show up there. So as the time whittled away, I realized the bus wasn't coming, so I started to head back to the house, only to see the bus whiz by at another stop. Right. So there I am, a 14 year old freshman, running down the street trying to get the attention of the bus and it didn't work. So then, I'm a panicked 14 year old freshman, running home to get my mom to take me to school. I got there late, I walked into my first class on the first day of high school and the teacher says that she doesn't stand for tardiness...and then she shoots me the look. Really? It's the first day of my freshman year. If I could find the name of that teacher, I would go back to that school and pour bleach on something she loves.
How about the first day of community college? What happened then? I'm prepared, I'm early, I'm ready to get going. I walk downstairs...flat tire. No joke.
How about when I was supposed to fly to London this summer? First time to fly into an international airport. Day one. Flights delayed, missed the connecting flight, alone in the airport.
So what about today? First day of my internship. I woke up early, showered, got dressed, and I looked good. I mean it. Good. I leave on time, I get on the train early, everything is working. Boom! Downpour. Not just sprinkling rain. I mean, pouring down rain. But remember, I'm there early right? So I go into McDonalds to get an iced coffee and let it subside. I read that it was gonna come and go all day. Fine. Did it subside? Of course not. Did it just rain harder? Of course it did. Did I show up completely soaked? Yes. And that's WITH an umbrella. Soaked. It's enough to just suck the cool right out of you.
So there it is. The first day of school. Things always work out just fine after the initial bumpy ride but it's just funny to me that 13 years later, the first day hasn't lost it's touch.

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