Thursday, August 12, 2010

Feelin the itch again

Over this past summer, I've learned some new things about myself, but none more surprising than the fact that I've fallen in love with modern art.
I've always liked art and I've always appreciated art, but over the course of the summer, I've developed a real fondness for modern art specifically. I'm not sure why, but I really latch onto these abstract, seemingly-pointless, strange and odd works of art that are almost entirely wrapped up in the artist needing an outlet to say something.
I would never consider myself an artist...not of art anyways, but when I redid my apartment, I created a space for myself that not only reflected a version of myself, but that would spur further creativity within myself. To anyone else, it was just redecorating my apartment, but for me, when I would walk in and was the only one there, it was mine. It was me.
And I think that's what I love about modern art. The idea that it's just the feelings and thoughts of the artist put into a tangible form and unless you're privy to the artist's concept and methodology, the art stays both locked and free. Locked in that the true meaning is locked up and free in that the viewer has the freedom to interpret it as they want.
So of the many things I learned about myself over the past few months, this is the thing that has most surprised me. When I get my own place again, whenever that may be, I'm excited to get my hands dirty to create a space again that is completely me.
All of this may sound very strange, but it's what I'm thinking right now. I'm ready to create again. I'm itching to create again really. So get ready because that usually means that something big is coming.

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