Saturday, August 14, 2010

Even Kmart's at it.

I didn't really sleep last night, which was not completely shocking but completely irritating. Let's flash back shall we?
Five years and three months ago, I had another sleepless night that was followed by a 3 hour flight to New York City. It seems to be just part of the process of me moving to New York for any sort of extended period of time. So it goes without say that that's why it wasn't shocking to me that I didn't sleep last night, though all I wanted to do was sleep.
Here's the thing about this trip. I'm still tired from the last trip. I still have some lingering fatigue that likes to kick in around 10:00 each night from London, so I was excited about the sleeping. THEN, I forgot my Dramamine and brought a huge stack of magazines to read on the plane. So there I was, reading my magazines and feeling like I was gonna barf everywhere. I know what you're thinking. Why not just stop reading the magazines and sleep on the plane? Well, I can't do that because it was the Fall Movie Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly, only my absolute FAVORITE issue of any magazine each year. So no. I couldn't put the magazine down.
But I'll say that everything disappeared when I saw the city out of the window of the plane. I mean, it was picture perfect. I love this city.
I got to the apartments just fine and let me tell you, they are fantastic. But what's more fantastic than the apartment is the second drawer in my dresser. I mean, an entire drawer for nothing but scarves and ties?! Has there ever been anything so beautiful? I mean, it should be in a magazine!
I will say that I am a real fan of the view from my apartment window. Is it as good as the view on the other side of the building that looks out over the entirety of Manhattan? No. It's not. But beggars can't be choosers and I will say that I don't mind my view. I can see all of Queens from my view...and that's something special...wait...
I took the subway into Midtown to get some essential things for my apartment that I didn't bring with me and I have to say that it was great to be walking down 34th street, flying past slow-moving tourists, listening to dance music on my iPod. Seeing the iconography of New York City all over is refreshing. Even Kmart is in on the I Heart New York business. I love this city.
But the real joy of today wasn't the Entertainment Weekly, it wasn't the apartment, it wasn't even the mediocre review of Inception I read in New York Magazine (For real y'all. They didn't buy into the hype of the film and they gave it a mediocre review, claiming that it was only "mind blowing" to audiences because the filmmakers told everyone it was in the commercials. I agree completely and it made my heart flutter.) The real stars of today were the two bottles that I bought on the street.
Yes. Snapple Orangeade. Only the most perfect drink in the world. So as I had dinner, I was able to enjoy my favorite drink that I can only get up north because for some God awful reason, Snapple hasn't figured out that southerners need Orangeade too.
So today worked. I'm in the city that I love and over the next week I will get to see the people that I love. In a week I start my internship, learning about the art form that I love. And I will do all of these things with a bottle of Orangeade in my hands. I love this city.

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