Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stop interrupting me!

If you will remember, I watched Jake's season of the Bachelor, for some ridiculous reason or another and I, like everyone else who watched the season, knew that his choosing of Vienna was one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.
So it's not been a big shock that they broke up. So that was some fulfilling for all of us who find this show to be the stupidest thing on television, but who would've thought that it would get even more delicious and moronic? But we were given that last night and I would like to personally thank ABC for it, mostly because I've never felt better about my life and the relationships with the people I have in it.
Three favorite quotes?
"I'm so mad at you. I'm so disgusted with you."
"At least I'm pursuing a career in something."
"We don't care about the dog."
I will say that my favorite moment of the entire WAY TOO LONG interview was when Vienna had a sobbing fit where she left the interview crying. I will go ahead and say that she learned that technique from the Real Housewives reunions. I mean, that's a classic move when you want to appear overwhelmed and she certainly went for it with her little dog bark crying.
So, this fake show created fake people who fake cried and we all fake cared. They sacrificed their pride and self-esteem for our viewing entertainment and we, the collective public, relished in their demise. It's the most low-brow form of entertainment and people can't stop watching which is why the Bachelor and Bachelorette will be on the air for far too long. But as long as it's on, we can all have peace in the fact that when we watch it, we will feel so much better about ourselves. Perhaps that's why we watch these shows in the first place? Because we like the metaphorical chuck on the chin we get from the fact that as messed up as we are, we aren't as messed up as the people on TV, and that feels pretty good.

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