Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rush and the risk

Chris Tucker.
Remember him? Probably not. He was in all the Rush Hour movies and a failed Michael Jackson video. Yeah that's about it.
Well I'm watching the 3rd Rush Hour movie right now and I was just thinking that while this concept works because a black man and an asian man making racist jokes to each other is very funny, it didn't exactly do Chris Tucker any good did it? I mean, he was friends with Michael Jackson and he made the Rush Hour movies where he was basically playing himself.
So from an outside career perspective, he didn't so much do much. But did he love what he was doing? That's my question.
Isn't a love for what you're doing the most important thing? Shouldn't we follow after and pursue the things that we love the most in life? Especially when we are young and have the ability to do so? Shouldn't we take the chance? Take the risk? Or do we just do what we're comfortable doing?
I think that everyone has to figure that out on their own. Life doesn't exactly work like a Lifetime movie where you follow your heart and everything works out perfectly. That doesn't always happen. Sometimes it does and that's really great when it does. And of course there's no real way of knowing if that's going to be you or not. But sometimes, I think the risk is worth it, even if it doesn't work out, because you know that you tried.

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