Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This is a problem. I mean, a real problem.

First. Why does Rihanna think that's okay?

Second. Why does Rihanna think she can pull that off?

Third. Why Rihanna?

I think that sexy people should be sexy, but that's not sexy. That's just strange and moderately vulgar. I find that, as I've recently posted, that these celebrities are really going out of their way to make us feel better about our normalcy. I mean, she's wearing shiny vinyl in her peesh and has shoulder pads that could double as beach balls. What part of that is okay? And why the raggedy ann hair? There are just so many things wrong with these pictures. My favorite thing about these pictures is that there are going to be little girls in her audience that are going to think that's okay. "Mommy, when do I get shiny boobies?" "Mommy, can I have giant air-bags on my shoulders?" "Mommy, why can't she sing live?" Sorry Ri-Ri but this is wrong-wrong.

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