Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Positively positive

I took a shower today which isn't special really. I do that daily. But as I opened the bathroom door after taking my shower, there was a person on my bed...and not in the good way. I left the door unlocked and my friend came over and decided to just sit and wait...and scare the life out of me. I mean, my heart was beating faster than when I worked out earlier. It was a terrifying experience. Once I figured out it wasn't a mugger and that he came in peace, that was fine. What a way to jump start an afternoon right?
As much anxiety as I might have had in that moment, I'm pleased to say that it didn't translate to the duration of the day. While I may have been positively vomiticious earlier in the week, I no longer feel that way. Today, I accepted an internship for the fall and as soon as I did, I felt positively positive.
You know what else made me feel positively positive today? The new iPhone commercial. Have you seen it? Well, we all know that the only real news thing about this phone are that A) it doesn't work correctly yet and B) it does video calling. Well, the commercial shows a deaf person being able to talk to someone else because they can video call and see each other now, making it possible for deaf persons to communicate to each other over the phone. Okay fine. That's probably the best advertising I've ever seen. In my life. And I felt wonderful that deaf persons would finally be able to communicate over the phone.
I also felt positive about Crystal Bowersox. You remember her? She's the girl that should have won American Idol this year instead of the bland fella that won and won't achieve anything? Right. Her. Well she got her teeth fixed before the Idols tour and she was just so happy about it. Really, I'm sure that her management made her fix her teeth, which is real dumb, but it made her so happy that it didn't really matter.
I found out today that I will be shooting a wedding in the fall with one of my best friends and not only am I so honored that she would ask me to do this with her, but I'm excited to stretch myself and do something I've never done before. I've blogged before about my friend Travis who is the best wedding photographer I've ever seen, and all I really want to do is not make him scowl when he sees my pics. But really, it's a great opportunity and I couldn't be doing it with a better partner.
So today's been a really positive day. Oh, and I lost five pounds which is always fun, and yes, I know that I'm bragging and blogging, but sometimes, when a day is really great, you just want to share that with people.
I think that when great things happen, we should share them. Not really brag about them, that's obnoxious. Name droppers and braggers are really obnoxious and I hope I don't come across as either here, but I'm just feeling so excited and very much on the right track with where I am at in life currently. Tomorrow starts an adventure that's going to run til 2011 and I couldn't be more excited about it. Get ready. It's all going to be documented right here.

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