Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An open letter to London

Dear London:
I'm confused.
Really really confused.
We went to this comedy club over the weekend and when they found out that there were Americans in the audience, they had a field day with that which is completely fine. We, as a people, deserved most of it, and one of those things that we deserved mocking about was our increments of measurement. (side note: please be aware that all cultures and peoples were fair game at this comedic venture and there wasn't any anti-American agenda there. I'm sure the jokes about the Brits who were from other parts of the country were very funny if we knew the context. The people with bad teeth and bad accents sure did laugh at them)
(another side note: there is such thing as a bad British accent. I don't find the Brits hard to understand. I get what they are saying. But these obnoxious girls behind us on the train yesterday had the loudest, most incoherent accents to the point where I couldn't understand a single word they were saying. It might as well have been a foreign language. Topple that with the fact that they were obnoxious and that equaled me being very irritated. I daydreamed that they were in class and I was the teacher and I threw my desk at them. No lie.)
ANYWAYS - the comedian is making fun of the fact that we use inches and feet and divide things by 3.45867 to get a mile and whatever, as opposed to just using the metric system which is in increments of 10. Makes total sense and really, life would be easier if we just used the metric system. I know that. So we all laughed and it was whatever.
Cut to today when we were on the train and there were all of these signs for distance that were in yards...
I thought they didn't use feet over here. Why not just use meters? I'm sorry, but this hypocrisy just won't do and I'm calling you out on it London. The Brits make all kinds of fun of Americans and most times its completely warranted, but now I hope you enjoy the taste of your own medicine. And yes, it's bitter.

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