Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lego, just Lego

As a small lad, I spent my spare time playing with Legos, much like many kids do/did. We all have a certain type of Legos that we liked to build and play with the most and for me, that was the castles. Didn't really matter what kind of castle, but that's what I liked to play with.
Today, I saw a real castle for the first time.
I wish I could convey to you the level of out-of-body that I had as we were walking up to the castle. No one is really able to remember what the boiling point of brain is but I reached it today in a really great way. It was like a dream coming true. A dream that I didn't know I ever had.
We went to Windsor Castle, the residence of the Queen, so we only saw half of it because she lives in the other half, but the half that we saw was mind-blowing. It's everything that I ever imagined that a castle would be and everything that every overly-produced period movie has made it out to look like.
I like the concept of dreams being fulfilled. This entire trip is that for me. I mean, I don't want to sound like I never thought I would ever see anything in the world, because that's not it. It's just that now that it's happening, I can't really believe it. I mean, I haven't even been here two weeks and I've seen so many things. I saw my first castle for God's sake. Now, I get it. I will see plenty of castles on this trip, especially later. But this castle was full of DaVinci and Rembrandt paintings and had the dudes in red with the guns...
Which brings me to this thought. I felt sorry for the dude. His eyes kept darting from side to side, he was clearly nervous with all of the attention and I kept wanting to ask him, "Are you new?" So I get up there to take my picture with him, you know, rather than being part of the solution for this poor guy's nerves I decided to perpetuate the problem, and I don't really know what to do. I mean, do I just smile? My initial instinct was, like in most pictures, to just throw my arm around his shoulders and smile. Then I saw the very real knife on the end of his gun. Not faking with this stuff guys. Not faking. So I ended up making an external expression of what I felt his internal feelings were. He needed a hug.
But I didn't. I didn't need a hug because I saw a castle today. I saw an actual castle and I walked down the same halls that King George or James or Charles or whatever his name did. I'm good. And if you were wondering, they do sell castle Lego sets in the stores outside of the real castle. Yes. They do.

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