Thursday, July 15, 2010

For real though

Tonight, tonight, there's only one tonight.
For real though.
The London trip has been all kinds of great and we have seen all kinds of great things, but tonight was the icing on the end of week one. Here's why.
First, we went to eat with my friends from America who were also over here in London. So we met and realized that the London premiere of The Karate Kid was just happening in the same square that we were in. So after dinner, we went over there and saw all of the stars on the big screen showing up for the red carpet. Will Smith? Jada Pinkett Smith? Their spawn? Jackie Chan? All there. It was really fun to see it all play out.
Then we went to the theater...HAIR.
You know, it changed my life the first time I saw it and I've written plenty about it. But this time, it was just utter joy and I couldn't contain myself. We sobbed, we cheered, we danced on stage with the cast, we met the cast was just an evening of joy.
It was one of those nights that gets logged into your memory as one of the best. I mean, I've had a few of these incredible nights and this is now one of them. Being with your friends, experiencing something so in-your-face and having the best time doing it. There's really nothing like it at all. Nothing.
We laughed the entire way back to our place because we were caught up on cloud nine. It's a good place to be. Much like the high teenagers in Hair were, except we didn't use drugs to get there.
You know, in the fall, I will be interning at an Off-Broadway theater in New York and part of why I took this internship over other potential ones was that it's outside of my comfort zone. Except that it's not at all. It's exactly what I want to be doing, I just haven't been doing it. It's outside of what I feel like I've been working on. But the reality of it is that I have to go for what I love because if I don't do it now, when will I? And I will admit that I've had some doubts about it for one reason or another, but as I sat in that theater tonight, so exciting my RLS was on crack, I knew that I had done the right thing by accepting this particular internship.
Do I feel inspired? Yes. Do I feel excited about the future? Yes. Do I feel like I am making the right decisions in my life at the moment? Yes. Will I be able to sleep tonight? Probably not. Not even a little bit.

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