Saturday, July 24, 2010

Consider yourself...

My first real recognition of Oliver! was from the Campbell's soup commercial where the little boy, presumably Oliver, asks the old man "please sir, can I have some more?" Now, I've seen the movie before but I feel like I was really young, so when I found out I could see "the most spectacular production ever," I jumped on it.
Let me tell really was the most spectacular production of a traditional musical that I've ever seen. There were around 80 people in the cast. 80! Over half of which were kids. I mean, this really was exactly how you would expect to see a traditional musical. Not to mention the freaky-deaky things the sets did. For real, it was so extravagant that I was constantly shaking my head in disbelief. It was incredible.
I love things that are incredible, I love things that take my breath away, and I love things that surprise me. This did all of those things. I think that experiences like this are the ones that keep us going, that make us eager to follow our dreams and re-energize our creative ducts. Too idealistic? Well I don't care. That's how I feel after seeing the show tonight.
I've still got one or two more shows to see before London and I part ways and after taking the chance on this one and being left so utterly speechless, I am even more excited now to see what else the West End has to show me. Bring it on Brits!

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