Sunday, July 11, 2010

Abbey aerobics

I've been to Catholic services before and while I am not a fan of the aerobics involved with them, I've enjoyed the services I've been to. What aerobics? You know, the up/down/up/down/kneel/stand/up/down action. Don't care for it and I don't think God so much cares about it either. But that's not important.
This morning, I went to mass at Westminster Abbey and I've got to say that I don't think I've ever been to a service where the church was as gorgeous and the choir was as gorgeous sounding as I did today. Altar boys get a bad rap, but those lil fellas can sang. You read that correctly. Not sing. They can sang.
It became so apparent to me that so much of the music that's in movies all has its groundings in this fundamental/traditional form of choral music, but what really struck me was that Andrew Lloyd Webber is a copycat. That's right Drew, I'm calling you out. The music that was played in that service might as well have been the basis for the soundtrack to Phantom of the Opera.
Something else that I'd never really thought about was the fact that Darwin is buried inside the Abbey. Granted, there are numerous people buried inside there and let me tell you, the grave stones are quite exquisite, but Darwin is in there with them. Darwin, the enemy of creationism, the heretic of worldly proportions, the founder of evolution. Right, he's in there. Why is that? Is it just a coincidence or is it that we know one side of the story because we are told one thing, but when you dig deeper into it, it's something else all together? I've been one of those people that does believe that the universe was created by intelligent design and not happenstance, but, I also believe that no one knows the way in which it was done.
Now look, I'm not trying to shove some sort of religi-science blabber down anyone's throats, I'm just saying what I found interesting. I also found that every aspect of the uber-traditional service there are still found within contemporary services all across the world, just with a more upbeat spin on it. The message was the same, the sermon was insightful and at moments, funny, and the lyrics of the music were the same lyrics that can be heard in any church corridor. We are going to go back there and tour the inside and see all the graves and everything, but being there this morning made for a really incredible morning, leaving me feeling not Westminster Crabby, but very contemplative and appreciative that even if I'm thousands of miles away from my home, the message is still the same.
(if you don't know that Crabby reference, the next month of blogs are going to be spotty for you)

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Suzy said...

Hi, Ryan! We loved our trip to Westminster, although we didn't get to attend services there. Love London and hope to go back sometime. Can't wait to keep up with your blog and see what all you're up to over there. It's an amazing place. Have fun and keep us all posted on your adventures!
Love, Suzy