Saturday, June 19, 2010

We don't care

It's everywhere.
Sometimes it's misinterpreted self confidence.
Most time's it's just arrogance.

Have you seen the new Karate Kid movie? Me neither. Why would anyone want to put themself through that? Here's an example of a remake that need never have been made. I don't care how many suckers there are that gave their money to that movie. Well, Will Smith's son Jaden stars in this movie and has been making the talk show circuit. How obnoxious is he? I ask you. Look up his appearance on Oprah or on Letterman. He's obnoxious. He acts
like he's 20 and he's not even 12. He might as well be grabbing his crotch and wearing a pick in his hair. It's like he decided that he didn't want a childhood, he'd rather be a gangster. He is arrogant. He's done nothing to warrant his childhood arrogance either. I mean, I really want him to be a child. Will Smith is obnoxious enough. It's like he became friends with Tom Cruise and then became Tom Cruise. Obnoxious. And arrogant.
Well I couldn't write a blog about arrogance without mentioning my friend Kanye West. After all, he is the king of arrogant behavior. He gets one hit on the radio per album and he thinks he hung the moon. I loved when he said he was the new Elvis and Lady GaGa was the new Madonna. Really? Is that how it is? How about when he said that had he been alive then, he would have been in the Bible? That's my favorite thing he's ever said. There's no taking that back.
I find people who brag on social networking sites to be guilty of flaunting their arrogance. There's a way to say that something really cool happened to you without it sounding like arrogance. Some people pull it off and others don't. I get so irritated when I read a status or a tweet or something that is blatant arrogance. I just want to throw my computer across the room and then punch them in the neck when I see them next. Don't be arrogant. We don't care.
Which is the point of what I've been trying to say. We don't care. We don't care Jaden. We don't give a crap about you. Stop it. We don't care Kanye. We don't care how great you think you are. I bet even Taylor Swift doesn't care about how great you think you are. And finally, we don't care facebookers and twatters. We don't care. We care when it's not arrogant and braggy, but when it is, we don't care. And yes, I lumped you into this "we." You know you're a part of the "we."

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