Sunday, June 20, 2010

Way to go again

We Americans make fun of Canada a lot. Too much probably and mostly, it's completely unwarranted. Really. I mean, just because there are more moose in your country than there are people doesn't mean that we need to make fun. Canada gave us a great many gifts. Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Alanis Morissette...I mean, where would woman power in music come from if not for Canada?
But I mean, Canada did kinda drop the ball on the Opening ceremony from the Olympics. You remember. Everything was boppin along and was going really great until some Canadian thought doing a "spoken word" piece would be a great way to show what Canada is all about. I ask you, what country on Earth wants to be know by "spoken word?" Really. You won't see "home of spoken word" on any World Cup gear. That and Shania and Celine never appeared during the opening ceremony. What a great idea Canada.
Well now, for some reason, I'm watching the Much Music Video Awards, based on the Canadian TV channel much like MTV but not as good at awards shows. First, the show isn't inside a building. It's on stages outside in the middle of the street. How does that make sense? They couldn't spring for a building? Even when MTV loses it's mind and doesn't have the VMAs in New York, they have it in a building. Well and then they have these people come out and present awards right? Right. But they have the VJ stand there with them and hold the microphone. Maybe because there's not a podium. Maybe there's not a podium because there's not a building.
The other reason this awards show is strange is because it's full of Canadian bands that I've never heard of, and for good reason. How about having 14 punk-pop bands that sound the exact same? Way to go Canada. How about we have one of them perform on top of a building where no one on the street can see them at all? Another good move Canada. On top of that, let's have the male lead singer of one of those bands put on a metallic cone bra and shoot sparks out of his aluminum nipples....yes, that happened.
So way to go Canada. Way to let Ke$ha perform. Way to go.

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