Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Sharlto factor

This summer hasn't been the greatest for movies and it doesn't look to get much better. There is an absence of really great films on the Hollywood agenda this year and so it's made for slim pickins' for audiences and even slimmer box office totals. Having said that, I saw one of the few great movies.
When I hear that they are making an old TV show into a movie, I am immediately skeptical. I loved the Charlie's Angels movies but since then, the movies made from TV shows haven't been so great. Starsky and Hutch? Eh. Dukes of Hazzard? No. So when I heard that they were making an A-Team movie, I wasn't exactly chomping at the bits to see it. Then, to make matters worse, I thought that the trailer made it look even more boring than what I thought it would be.
I went and saw it though and I can tell you that I not only liked it, but I think it might have been the best movie I've seen so far this summer. Here's why: It delivered. It was 2 hours of stuff blowing up and they win in the end. It was exactly what you wanted it to be. Plus, the cast is better than you think it is going to be. Bradley Cooper has been spot on in his previous roles over the past couple years and Liam Neeson is good in everything, but the real gem of this movie is Sharlto Copley, the dude from District 9. He was awesome in District 9 and is awesome again in this movie, just in a completely different way. It seems like he's the kind of actor who can do anything you throw at him. I mean, he kinda made the movie work. Pretty much.
Speaking of actors who can do anything. I was waiting in the theater for A-Team to start and a trailer with Adrian Brody comes on the screen. He hasn't had the best luck with movies lately. Splice anyone? But I'm watching and figure out that it's the new Predators movie. I'm sorry. What? Since when did an Oscar winner need to be in a Predators movie? I think this calls for a new agent.
Anyway, while Sex and the City 2 & Shrek were better than the critics said they were and Prince of Persia was entertaining, I think it's fair to say that A-Team is both the best and most unexpectedly entertaining film of the summer thus far.

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