Saturday, June 5, 2010

Overheard at Walmart

So I'm at Walmart this afternoon and I'm waiting in line at customer service. The Plano-mom in the next line over is talking on her cellphone via her headset and her response to what was said on the other end of the line was, "I heard that on Tony Robbins' tweet."
First off, the headset cell phones should only be used in the car or when you are doing something around the house. Never in public. Maybe if you've got a bunch of kids with you and you need your hands free to grab their little ears...but no. Not even then. Especially not then. Hang up the phone and tend to your children because there are people like me out there that won't hesitate to stick my foot out to trip them if they're running or throw things at them with them intention of knocking them over.
Second off, Tony Robbins? Really? Tweeting? Really? Look. I've got a twitter account and I can tell you that my life would be no worse off if I didn't have it. But I do because I like to see the pictures that people take of random things. But for real? Tony Robbins? I thought he disappeared a long time ago. Apparently, people still listen to him and his horse face, which I find sad. It's time to move on Plano-mom. Time to move on.

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