Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nothing to scream about

Hey! I've got an idea! Why don't we send the So You Think You Can Dance judges to each of the contestants homes to tell them in person whether or not they have made the show?! Wouldn't that be a genius move?!
In yet another questionable move made in a long series of questionable moves on this show, Nigel pulled the dumbest one out of the hat for tonight's episode. So, he sends the judges out to go into the homes of the dancers, to sit there with their families and tell them whether or not they have made it or not...except for the fact that Nigel mostly stayed in his office and called people. How lame. I mean really, this could have been expedited and done on the stage, as is has for seasons, and it would have been fine. But no, we had to heighten the awkward.
I get that they thought they were heightening the suspense. But this isn't Hitchcock. This is reality TV. Actually, this isn't even the type of reality TV that warrants suspense. It's not like the preview where Tyra is gonna yell at that dumb girl or when the dude fell over the wall on The Real World and we thought he was gonna die. No. This is SYTYCD. Even more than that, it's an already questionable season of SYTYCD.
So, the episode of faux-suspense and me faux-caring is dragging on for far too long, full of Nigel thinking that his job is VERY important, not a single Mary Murphy scream all season so far (and none in sight since she won't be on the panel), and Cat Deeley, as lovely as she is, is looking Olive Oil thin and I feel like she needs a donut. Here's hoping they can somehow forge a diamond out of this apparent coal pile
of a season so far.

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