Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I have an opinion

I'm opinionated. Shocking. I know. So I've two polar-opposite opinions to give you, both of which are shocking.

Christina Aguilera's new album Bionic is a mess. An absolute mess. Here's the deal. I was SO looking forward to this album and though I've posted many times about how she doesn't have an original bone in her body, I still like her. So I heard she was working with all of these European trance artists that I like so I was stoked to hear this album. So I went into being really excited about it. Then the music started.
Here's the deal. It's a fine album for a trance artist that can't really sing. But that's n
ot the case with Christina. She can sing. So why is she sounding like
a robot? Why is she singing about how her woo-hoo tastes like cake? Why is
there an entire song about her wanting to make out with herself in the mirror because she thinks she's so hot? BUT WAIT - in the middle of the raunch-fest that is her album, she's got 4 songs that are true to who she actually is. Her, singing a slow song. That's what she's best at. Granted, the song that she sang on the Haiti Relief telethon, Lift You Up, was much better live with just strings and a piano than with all the production on the album. I was really looking forward to this album and out of 18 tracks, I think I only liked 7.
So while I was super excited about hearing this album, it left me wishing I could have been in the studio with her, telling her to stop all of this and just make the music that people want to hear from her. Why does Celine make the same kind of music over and over? Because that's what we want. Same with Britney. We want dancy and fun. She delivers. Christina would rather sing about how Glam she is. (The song Glam should have been in a High School Musical movie and not on a legit album) Sorry Christina. Oh! and I love how confident she is about this album and how arrogant she is...and then her live performances are dreadful. I just love that.

So from that album full of high expectations, I move on to a different album that I had no expectations about at all. Tiao Cruz's album Rocstarr. He's one of the many guys who are popping up everywhere on the radio. They all sound the same, sing the same, blah blah blah. Well, I like his single so I listened to his album today. It's really great.
You know, it's like he figured out that the sound of the single is what is on the radio now, so he made an entire album of that sound, and I love it. He's a good singer, a mix between Usher and the lead singer of Coldplay (at times) and it's the kind of album that I can listen to from start to finish and not have any sort of adverse reaction to any of the songs. That is not the case for Mrs. Aguilera's album. I found myself being s
hocked at how dirrty her album really was.
So, the British import that is Taio Cruz has my mark of approval. His album is great and I saw the music video today and he's not dancing around like he's trying to be Usher. I appreciate that. We only need one Usher.
There's a lot of good new music out there. Flo-Rida and Nelly Furtado's song "Jump" is crazy fun, "Find Your Love" by Drake is really swanky, "Fight for this Love" by Cheryl Cole is like a chilled out party song, Kelly Rowland's new song "Commander" is kinda incredible, and even Enrique Iglesias' new song "I Like It" is a refreshing splash of the glory days of Marc Anthony, J-Lo and Ricky Martin. It's a good time for music. The music industry might be telling the world they are in turmoil, but it's allowing some really good music to cut to the head of the pack. Sadly for Christina, I think that while she was writing songs about her woo-hoo, other people took her place in line.
(Did you catch my dirrty reference earlier? It was good)

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