Thursday, June 10, 2010

Go go go Joseph

I've seen a kid's production of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat before but I've never really seen the show how it's meant to be seen. So instead of watching a legit version of it to really see what it's about, I made the brilliant decision to watch the Donny Osmond version. Here's the rundown:
Donny Osmond as Joseph, Joan Collins at Potiphar's wife, and John Hammond...I mean Richard Attenborough as Jacob.
Here's the problem. I kinda liked it. The soundtrack had this whole children's choir in the background which I love and there were actually something fairly creative moments in it. I mean, who knew that they line danced in ancient Israel or that the Pharaoh was an Elvis impersonator? But then you see Donny Osmond again and are thrown back into questioning why you're watching this at all. I mean, it's Donny Osmond. I didn't grow up watching him and Marie. The only thing people my age know about them is that Marie used to be crazy and fat and now
she's crazy and skinny and has fake hair. Donny's the more normal of the two but it's just too hard to get past.
So ends yet another Biblical musical, complete with Donny Osmond, Elvis, John Hammond, a children's choir that comes out of no where, line dancing and Joan Collins. Just as Moses would have wanted the story told.

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