Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Don't you get me wrong now

I'm watching "Jesus Christ Superstar" at the moment, a film I've never seen but know a few songs from. It's Tony week so I'm watching some shows that I feel like I should have seen but for some reason just never have.All I've ever heard about this show is how sacrilegious it is and how evil it is.
Actually, I interned at Times Square Church five years ago and the church bought the Broadway theater that Jesus Christ Superstar originally opened in, the Mark Hellinger Theater. And let me tell you, they will be the first to tell you that the stage that the atrocity that is "Jesus Christ Superstar" was on is no longer used for the devil's work.
But here's the deal, I'm watching it and I'm thinking to myself, it's not really all that bad. I mean, all the plot points of the story are there, and maybe it's told in a slightly-less-than-conservative-Judeo-Christian method of storytelling, but it's got the story and the celebration of His victory at the end. And let me tell you, I wish the finales of the Easter pageants at church had been as fun as this finale was. Singing disco angels celebrating because He's risen? That's how things should have been.
Now I get why people have such hang-ups with this show. I do get it. They insinuate that JC and Mary had a thing going (even if only feelings) and the resurrection isn't as pronounced as the stone rolling and such, but really people, I don't get what the big deal is.
Sidenote: I love me some Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cats is one of my favorite things ever, but I wasn't a real big fan of the music in this show. There were only a few stand out numbers. But that's okay. I've seen it, I've experienced it and now I can talk intelligently about it. I've got a few musicals that I will be watching before the Tonys on Sunday. Expect more reviews.

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