Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dancing bedpans would have been more entertaining

The last time I was in a doctor's office because I was sick was about 8 years ago. That could mean that I am just a resilient healthy person or that I'm a stubborn moronic person. Either way, the last time I was in a doctor's office was 8 years ago and I've gotta say, not a lot has changed (save for the flat screens in all the rooms).
Pertaining to these flat screens in all the rooms, I have a question for these doctors. Is playing the Hannah Montana movie really a way to make us feel better? I mean, I think that has the adverse reaction to making people feel better. Allow me to explain.
This is not a pediatrician's office. If it were, then the Hannah Montana movie would make so much sense. Actually, in the kid's area over in the corner, there was a different TV that was playing Wall-E. So it wasn't like the kids were lacking in entertainment. But no, rather than playing CNN or something that would provide the widest audience with the most applicable information, they were showing the Hannah Montana movie.
Now I've never seen said movie and I pride myself in not ever having seen an episode of the show. Nothing against Miley. She's done some good stuff honestly. But I can't watch Disney channel shows. I was raised on Nickelodeon, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Eureka's Castl
e, Fraggle Rock, Animaniacs, Rescue Rangers, Tailspin and Tiny Toons. I like my fictional children's television characters to either be animated or muppets. Anyway, I'm stuck in this room waiting on them to come in and tell me that I indeed do have strep throat and
fork over the meds so I can get the grapefruits in my throat to stop swelling. So I'm watching this movie...
I'm so sorry. I can get on board with why kids would like her. I get that. But Billy Ray.
What in the world is he doing? There are so many things wrong with this man. The flat-ironed and mistakenly highlighted hair that would make even Seacrest nauseous, the "acting," and the silly d
ialogue just tangled together to create a sort of rat-king of shtick. So bad.
I got the perscription, I got outta there and away from Miley, and went to the pharmacy to get it filled, where the nice woman asked me when I needed it filled, I think my response involved setting my hand on the counter and telling her 'as soon as humanly possible.'
I got the meds eventually, and things seem to be turning around. But really. Billy Ray? There's no excuse for any of that.

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