Monday, June 21, 2010

Carnivals and people

Do you remember the finale of Grease? It's the end of the last day of school and everyone bursts out of school and goes to the carnival on the school grounds.
I mean, I remember the last day of my 6th grade year of school. When that final bell rang, we all ran out of our classes, throwing our worksheets and papers everywhere like you see on television, but by the time I was a senior, we just got outta there as soon as possible.
But in Grease, they all go to the carnival and sing and dance. Not to get on a singing-and-dancing-in-real-life soapbox, but how much more fun would the end of high school been had there been a carnival?
Not that high school kids deserve a carnival. I mean, why would we want to really celebrate a bunch of kids who think they know everything but actually know absolutely nothing? I mean, when they get to college, they think they are this really informed and really mature group of people. It's not until four years later that they realize how ridiculous they actually were when they showed up on campus. They're not even real people yet. Becoming a real person is something that's earned, not accrued because you are able to go off the college.
So really, we should have a carnival for graduating from college and becoming a real person. That's where the carnival really should be. And hopefully, there wouldn't be a flying car at the end of the carnival. That's just silly really. I mean, if Ron Weasley taught us anything, it's that flying cars can both save your life and almost kill you. I don't like those odds. Nor do I like giant spiders. But I do like carnivals. And real people. I think that carnivals and real people should go together hand in hand. Like rama lama lama...

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