Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Behind the choreographers?

What is Lance Bass doing at the filming of So You Think You Can Dance? I mean, he's sitting in the row behind the choreographers. What has he done lately? I ask you. What has he done?
This made me think about other "celebrities" whose existence is rather pointless and whether or not they have done anything lately to warrant being on the cover of a magazine.
1. Kim Kardashian. She has a big butt and did a sex tape. So what? But she does have a reality show, so she gets a free pass from me because she has a show (however dumb it may be) on television and so she is doing something publicly to warrant the attention.
2. Katie Holmes. Enough said.
3. Paris Hilton. Look. She did that show, she was a whore and now she's very plain. Which I think is fantastic for her as a person. She should be plain because she is plain. But she isn't doing anything to warrant being in the public eye and if you notice, she isn't out there as much. So maybe she has learned from her own mistakes and has changed. Either that, or she wants that inheritance and is playing nice to get it. Either way, all parties win.

But as Lance sits there taking up space, the new dancer Alex and the flawless Allison just blew my mind on this show. I mean, there have been some really incredible dances on this show, and that got me thinking. Which are the ones that I consider to be the best?

Allison and Ivan did a routine with an umbrella that showed their 'Sexy Love.' If you'll remember, Allison was the best female dancer that this show has ever had and one of the reasons to keep watching the show this season.

There was that Mia dance with Lacey and Kameron when she put her aaaaaarrms around him.

There was the park bench which has become famous.

There was Bleeding Love with Mark and Chelsey that was amazing on TV and amazing in person on the tour.
Speaking of Mark, lets not forget the Sonya routine with Courtney when they showed me what my favorite form of dancing was.

And last but not least, the addiction dance with Kayla and Kapono that was probably the best dance I've ever seen on this show.

I've said before that in order to be successful, a stage show has to make you feel something. I feel like SYTYCD is able to do that in a way that other TV shows aren't really able to do, which is why it's been successful and why I get so irritated when they start messing with it. As much as having the "all-stars" there makes this season more like one big finale show than an actual competition, the dancing has been really tremendous.So here's to you SYTYCD. Here's to providing some really meaningful moments in the past and I hope they are able to keep coming because without it, we might as well just watch Dancing with the Stars.

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