Saturday, June 19, 2010

Again (the song by Janet)

I'm watching the Betty White SNL episode as it repeats tonight and I am once again reminded of what a great episode of television this was for SNL. Having all of the past cast members there with Betty White and doing so many sketches that people have loved for a long time really was a stellar move on SNL's part.
I mean, really. I can't think of an example of a television event that has worked so well that wasn't an awards show. And you know what? The MacGruber sketches were much much funnier the second time around. Really. I actually laughed at them. Sometimes we need to step away from things in order for them to have a new appreciation. People are like that too.
I do that. I find that when you step away from people for a bit, when they reenter your life, there is a newfound appreciation for them. That sounds bad. I know it does. But think about it. The whole 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' thing. That's what I just said, just in a different way.
Sometimes, we just need time from people and I don't think that makes you any less friends or less close. It just means that you need to pause and then pick up again.
Just like we did with all of these SNL women who have been the heart and soul of the show over the past decade and a half. We just picked it up with them where we left off and it was comedic perfection.

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