Wednesday, June 16, 2010

8 minutes with Alejandro

Let me say something from the beginning. I did not like GaGa's video for "Telephone" until they started dancing. The entire time, I was asking how this epic dance song can have a video absent any real dancing. Then they danced for a bit and moved back to not dancing anymore. I don't care what people said about it, I don't care how brilliant people thought it was or how great people said it was. I think there were a million other choices that could have been made for that video and she didn't make any of them.
BUT - her new video for the overplayed "Alejandro" is quite interesting. Interesting because it's not original in the slightest. Interesting because it doesn't make any sense. Interesting because the male dancers are wearing women's high heels. And interesting because it's twice as long as the song for no real reason. But for all the disconnects, I couldn't not keep watching. It's just interesting.
There are people who are going to like everything she does no matter what. I am not that person. But for some reason, I did like this video and with the above listed reasons why it's not good, surely you can sense my inner confusion. But I feel like the tone of this video goes with the song and that's really what a video is supposed to do.
Would I rather watch Miley's video where she's a bird? Yes. I think that's one of the best "traditional" music videos that's come out in a while. Plus, I think that all the faux-controversy surrounding Miley is fascinating. I mean, she's got to be loving all the free press with her new album coming out soon and everything. Personally, I think Miley's video
should get more attention than it's receiving, but "Alejandro" has got it's own vibe that works with the song. Also, the dancing in the video is good...really good. GaGa's principle dancers Mark and Jeremy are capable of doing pretty much anything, so you can at least always count on them being awesome in her videos and performances. But it's most entertaining to see GaGa try to make political and religious statements and fail to coherently do either. Again. I like the video, against all the odds. Is it going to make me think about the state of my life? No. Am I crossing over and becoming a GaGa fanatic? No. But I was entertained for 8 minutes which is so much better than being bored for 8 minutes right?

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