Sunday, June 27, 2010


In a day that hasn't been so much good as it has been bad, this new picture made me incredibly happy. She's my girl, she looks gorgeous and that makes me feel good. It's incredible to me how she has been able to overcome what looked like the end of the road. It's as if the shaved head, the umbrella and the Federline don't matter anymore because she's overcome it. How? By being the pop star people want, by making music that people want to hear, and by doing a tour that people want to see.
We should all try to be that resilient. When things get us down, we should try to overcome it in a way that makes us stronger on the other side...or stronger than yesterday. That's a concept that I will be putting into use in my own life over the next few weeks. I realize that it's kinda silly to try to glean life lessons from a new promotional pic of Britney, but whatever, it's the little things in life that make me the happiest.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I've been doing so much reminiscing about things over the past three days and today, I got word that my closest friend at my high school was in a car accident last night and didn't make it. It's one of those things where you don't really quite know what to do.
I don't know really how to process death, I don't know that anyone really knows how, and we all deal with it differently. For me, it internalizes and creates this black hole inside of me until I snap myself out of it and decide that I have to keep going. But it's like this hole in the back of my throat that doesn't go away for a while.
I know that we are supposed to remember the good things and celebrate their life, and I believe in both. But sometimes, we just need to remember. She and I started the "Adopt a Nerd Foundation," an outreach program to less-than-socially-acceptable individuals. We had classes together where we learned from our teacher that looked like Col. Sanders that "just because there's snow on the roof doesn't mean that the fire isn't still burning in the furnace." We skipped class every day so we could sit in the yearbook room on the ugly green couch. She was my closest friend at school and we had more inside jokes than are socially acceptable. I mean the gods of Acerbia rained down on us for goodness sake.
I think, for me, the best way to deal with things like this is to remember the thing that I will always have because of her. And I think my favorite things that she left me besides the jokes, the good moments and the memories are my over-use of the word bitter and FRIENDS. Yes. It was Rach that got me watching FRIENDS and taught me the wonder that is the word bitter.
So I'll miss her and remember her. She was a huge part of my life when I was a high schooler and we remained friends for ten years. I'll see her again one day. And until then, I'll remember.


Zack Morris got divorced yo!
Really, Mark-Paul Gosselaar filed for divorce after 14 years of marriage. That kinda sucks. I mean, in my mind, he's still Zack Morris who was always gonna end up with Kelly, Lisa Turtle was always gonna pull a Dexter on Screetch the night before Zack and Kelly's wedding, while Jessie did speed and AC Slater finally came out. Come on. Don't shatter my childhood dreams.
Marriage has kinda fallen apart hasn't it? I mean, people keep saying that gay marriage is going to destroy our country but I can't help but wonder how that's going to destroy anything when straight marriage is already in the shambles. Perhaps we should fix what's already broken before we throw stones at other people groups who are wanting to try to make marriage work for them?
Well, here's to Zack, I mean Mark-Paul. Good luck next time around if you so choose to walk down their aisle again. Personally, I think there should be a Saved by the Bell reunion on 30 Rock. I mean, I know that Jimmy Fallon wants to do it but I think it would be better on 30 Rock. Remember the Nightcourt reunion they did? Now that's what I'm talking about.
If you need a good pick me up, my advice would be to go here:

Stupid Facebook quiz, stupid iPod

I lost a piece of me this week.
Yes. My iPod died. Well, not really. I mean, the actual iPod didn't die, but all the music on it did. I plugged it into my computer and then watched helplessly as it deleted out all of my songs, music videos, TV shows and movies.
Please understand that to someone who has all of the above listed items on their computer, this doesn't seem like such a big deal. Just plug it in and let it sync. Well, I didn't have mine set to do that because I didn't have all of my music on my computer. Right. So when I lost all that was on my iPod, I lost it all.
So for the past three days, I have been individually uploading all of my CDs onto my laptop so that I can reload my iPod and pull myself out of my iPodless state of being. And I will tell you, as irritating as it's been to do that, it's given me the opportunity to look at the music that I own and see what I used to listen to and where it's taken me.
You know, there are some artists or styles that you used to listen to and you don't anymore, but when you do, it takes you back to the place where you were when you first listened to that song? I was reminded by all of the past music that has been in my life and the mixed bag of experiences that now seem to coincide with that music.
So all in all, it's been a sort of shady blessing. I've been able to listen to so much music that I'd long forgotten about, I've seen albums and pictures of artists that I haven't seen in years, and I've been able to reflect back on my life to this point and the music that has formed the soundtrack of my life.
There are all those silly quizzes you can take online and those lists that were so popular on Facebook for a while and I remember seeing one of them that was "The songs that would be the soundtrack of my life" and I remember thinking that I would have no way of creating that list of ten songs. Having said that, I like the challenge.

1. Can't Take That Away - by Mariah Carey - I've always been defiant in the way that I will follow what I believe to be right no matter what and for a great many years, this song was the most played song I owned.
2. Unglued - by Tait - This song resonated with me and my group of friends when we were losing our leaders in our church. I can remember being with them, listening to this song and crying.
3. If I Can Dream - by Elvis via "All Shook Up" - I'm a dreamer. A big dreamer.
4. Devil Man - by Cindy Morgan - This song changed the creative existence of my life.
5. You Didn't Let Me Fall - by Deitrick Haddon - It was hard to just pick one song from the man whose music has changed my life & kept it on track when the train threatened to derail, but this song is the most telling.
6. If Ever - by Damita - I need my people. I've always needed my people around me and as much as I've become a more independent person and I've grown up, the fact that I still need my people hasn't changed. I've learned that my life isn't really worth much unless it's intertwined with people.
7. Let The Sun Shine - by the cast of "Hair" - this is a relatively new entry to the list but it's no less vital. I think it defines the way that I feel about life in general.
8. Broken - by Kristy Starling - it's one of the most invasively personal songs I've ever heard and related completely to.
9. Survivor - by Destiny's Child - Is there a question here? No. It's my song.
10. I Almost Let Go - by Kurt Carr - Never in my life has a song been perpetually in my consciousness, continuously relevant and unendingly meaningful.
11. No More Drama - by Mary J. Blige - For real.
12. Siyahamba - by the Zambian Quartet - This song has been in my life since middle school and keeps popping back up. It defines a part of what I love about this world...diversity.
13. Defying Gravity - by the cast of Wicked - This was when my insides caved in and I fell deeply in love with what a live/visual/auditory/emotional experience can do for a person.
14. At Your Feet - by Natalie Grant - no description needed.
15. Happiness - by Charlie Brown - The one song that's been important in my life for all of my 27 years. I think it might be the best encapsulation of my life and my outlook on life.

I would encourage you to try to do the same thing. It's really interesting the things that you think about when you are trying to define your existence in ten songs, especially if you're like me and you love music. I had issues making the list the length it is.
And to think, I never would have gotten to go through this exercise in self-examination had my iPod not lost it's mind. Stupid iPod.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I re-hashed up about 20 years of my childhood today over the course of a car ride with a friend and I have got to be honest and say that I was surprised with the results. Here's the thing. We've all had things in our pasts that, when brought up again, are perpetually irritating because something didn't go our way, or we lost a friend, or something that we loved fell apart.
And I'm not talking about grudges or any sort of lasting bitterness. I just mean that not everything always goes the way we want it to go and when we re-hash it, it causes us to relive it. Is this just me? Whatever.
So I'm hashing and re-hashing which led to thinking and re-thinking which led to processing and re-processing which led me here. To my blog.
What if I'd made different decisions in my life? Have you ever thought about that? What if you'd made different decisions that led you to a different present? I mean, I understand that thinking about this is completely irrelevant and a total waste of time because we can't change the past. But it is interesting to think about sometimes.
So I'm sitting here thinking about the decisions that I've made in the past in relation to the decisions I am making now or will make in the future. How did the decisions I made ten years ago affect where I'm at now and do I want that to be the case ten years from now? I mean, we are supposed to live and learn right? So I'm still learning.
I will say this. Some people have asked me if I would have taken a different route in my collegiate career if I had the chance. No. I wouldn't. Every decision I've made has led me to the next life-changing moment.
One of which, I had today. It's been five years since I interned in New York City. Five years of all kinds of crazy. But before I left, my boss gave me a journal to thank me for the work I'd done up there. (You probably know that I journal) Well, I wasn't finished with the journal that I was currently keeping at the time and so I didn't start writing in the new one. That was five years ago. I lost that journal once I got back to Texas. I mean, I went to one school, then I moved out and I transferred to another school. In that time, somewhere, the journal was misplaced. I honestly thought that it was gone which really sucked because this journal was immaculate. I'm talking Italian leather bound immaculate. But tonight, on the day that I sent out my internship applications for NYC for this fall, I found that journal. How stunning is that? I mean, I saw it hidden behind some photo albums, I grabbed it and had this rush of exhilaration. I love my journals. So the journal that I was given as a gift when I left NYC will be the journal that I begin as I start that new chapter of my life in NYC. Now THAT is stunning.
So I've re-hashed and the next step in this re-hashing will be pulling out old pictures from high school and going through them. Get ready Facebook Photo Uploader! I'm ready to work through my issues!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


When people hear that I haven't seen Center Stage, they get that crazy look on their face that is a mixture of shock and disappointment. So, in an effort to stave off those looks, I decided to cave and just watch the movie, not that I ever had anything against it, I just had never seen it and didn't place it on my list of priorities.
I can see the appeal in relation to when it was released. I mean, it was during that age of Bring It On and movies focusing on niche segments of semi-popular culture were all the rage. The interesting dance numbers inter-spliced with psuedo-interesting story lines make for an enjoyable film that ends with a "stirring" dance performance meant to leave the viewer with a feeling of hope and excitement. These movies take their cue from Rent.
Think back to back when Rent was relevant. Think back to that stirring moment at the end of the musical when they sing "No Day But Today" and Angel runs back out on stage for the final moment, as if he never left them and the audience is left with the feeling that there's hope. It's a completely false hope really, but that's the feeling. So these movies took their cues there and do the same.
In this case, the final "stirring" dance was what they wanted it to be. Exciting, telling and completely unrealistic. The way that the pieces fit together was like there were puzzle pieces missing. It all looks good, but at least in the finale of Bring It On, the routine all fit together and there wasn't a moment when you went, ' did those costumes and sets instantly change?' Or better yet, 'how did her point shoes pull a Wicked Witch of the East and instantly change colors without Elphaba there to cast a spell?' Perhaps I'm being too critical. I mean, I like things that are completely unrealistic. But the rest of the movie is trying to be realistic and all of the sudden, she's pulling an Elphaba.
Watching it now, so long after it was released initially, I'm left wondering what the big deal is. It's not really any different than anything else that's out there and by that, I mean other dance movies. The reason that Bring It On was and is still a classic is because it was witty, funny and the niche genre it explored hadn't and hasn't been diluted by the onslaught of other films in the genre. (The subsequent Bring It On sequels don't count...for anything)
But it may be no big deal now, and if we're being honest, it didn't make any money when it was released into theaters either, but somewhere inbetween then and now, the fact of not having seen it causes the shock and disappointment face. It's interesting.
You know what else is interesting? The amazing over-use of Mandy Moore music in the movie.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Carnivals and people

Do you remember the finale of Grease? It's the end of the last day of school and everyone bursts out of school and goes to the carnival on the school grounds.
I mean, I remember the last day of my 6th grade year of school. When that final bell rang, we all ran out of our classes, throwing our worksheets and papers everywhere like you see on television, but by the time I was a senior, we just got outta there as soon as possible.
But in Grease, they all go to the carnival and sing and dance. Not to get on a singing-and-dancing-in-real-life soapbox, but how much more fun would the end of high school been had there been a carnival?
Not that high school kids deserve a carnival. I mean, why would we want to really celebrate a bunch of kids who think they know everything but actually know absolutely nothing? I mean, when they get to college, they think they are this really informed and really mature group of people. It's not until four years later that they realize how ridiculous they actually were when they showed up on campus. They're not even real people yet. Becoming a real person is something that's earned, not accrued because you are able to go off the college.
So really, we should have a carnival for graduating from college and becoming a real person. That's where the carnival really should be. And hopefully, there wouldn't be a flying car at the end of the carnival. That's just silly really. I mean, if Ron Weasley taught us anything, it's that flying cars can both save your life and almost kill you. I don't like those odds. Nor do I like giant spiders. But I do like carnivals. And real people. I think that carnivals and real people should go together hand in hand. Like rama lama lama...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Way to go again

We Americans make fun of Canada a lot. Too much probably and mostly, it's completely unwarranted. Really. I mean, just because there are more moose in your country than there are people doesn't mean that we need to make fun. Canada gave us a great many gifts. Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Alanis Morissette...I mean, where would woman power in music come from if not for Canada?
But I mean, Canada did kinda drop the ball on the Opening ceremony from the Olympics. You remember. Everything was boppin along and was going really great until some Canadian thought doing a "spoken word" piece would be a great way to show what Canada is all about. I ask you, what country on Earth wants to be know by "spoken word?" Really. You won't see "home of spoken word" on any World Cup gear. That and Shania and Celine never appeared during the opening ceremony. What a great idea Canada.
Well now, for some reason, I'm watching the Much Music Video Awards, based on the Canadian TV channel much like MTV but not as good at awards shows. First, the show isn't inside a building. It's on stages outside in the middle of the street. How does that make sense? They couldn't spring for a building? Even when MTV loses it's mind and doesn't have the VMAs in New York, they have it in a building. Well and then they have these people come out and present awards right? Right. But they have the VJ stand there with them and hold the microphone. Maybe because there's not a podium. Maybe there's not a podium because there's not a building.
The other reason this awards show is strange is because it's full of Canadian bands that I've never heard of, and for good reason. How about having 14 punk-pop bands that sound the exact same? Way to go Canada. How about we have one of them perform on top of a building where no one on the street can see them at all? Another good move Canada. On top of that, let's have the male lead singer of one of those bands put on a metallic cone bra and shoot sparks out of his aluminum nipples....yes, that happened.
So way to go Canada. Way to let Ke$ha perform. Way to go.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Again (the song by Janet)

I'm watching the Betty White SNL episode as it repeats tonight and I am once again reminded of what a great episode of television this was for SNL. Having all of the past cast members there with Betty White and doing so many sketches that people have loved for a long time really was a stellar move on SNL's part.
I mean, really. I can't think of an example of a television event that has worked so well that wasn't an awards show. And you know what? The MacGruber sketches were much much funnier the second time around. Really. I actually laughed at them. Sometimes we need to step away from things in order for them to have a new appreciation. People are like that too.
I do that. I find that when you step away from people for a bit, when they reenter your life, there is a newfound appreciation for them. That sounds bad. I know it does. But think about it. The whole 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' thing. That's what I just said, just in a different way.
Sometimes, we just need time from people and I don't think that makes you any less friends or less close. It just means that you need to pause and then pick up again.
Just like we did with all of these SNL women who have been the heart and soul of the show over the past decade and a half. We just picked it up with them where we left off and it was comedic perfection.

We don't care

It's everywhere.
Sometimes it's misinterpreted self confidence.
Most time's it's just arrogance.

Have you seen the new Karate Kid movie? Me neither. Why would anyone want to put themself through that? Here's an example of a remake that need never have been made. I don't care how many suckers there are that gave their money to that movie. Well, Will Smith's son Jaden stars in this movie and has been making the talk show circuit. How obnoxious is he? I ask you. Look up his appearance on Oprah or on Letterman. He's obnoxious. He acts
like he's 20 and he's not even 12. He might as well be grabbing his crotch and wearing a pick in his hair. It's like he decided that he didn't want a childhood, he'd rather be a gangster. He is arrogant. He's done nothing to warrant his childhood arrogance either. I mean, I really want him to be a child. Will Smith is obnoxious enough. It's like he became friends with Tom Cruise and then became Tom Cruise. Obnoxious. And arrogant.
Well I couldn't write a blog about arrogance without mentioning my friend Kanye West. After all, he is the king of arrogant behavior. He gets one hit on the radio per album and he thinks he hung the moon. I loved when he said he was the new Elvis and Lady GaGa was the new Madonna. Really? Is that how it is? How about when he said that had he been alive then, he would have been in the Bible? That's my favorite thing he's ever said. There's no taking that back.
I find people who brag on social networking sites to be guilty of flaunting their arrogance. There's a way to say that something really cool happened to you without it sounding like arrogance. Some people pull it off and others don't. I get so irritated when I read a status or a tweet or something that is blatant arrogance. I just want to throw my computer across the room and then punch them in the neck when I see them next. Don't be arrogant. We don't care.
Which is the point of what I've been trying to say. We don't care. We don't care Jaden. We don't give a crap about you. Stop it. We don't care Kanye. We don't care how great you think you are. I bet even Taylor Swift doesn't care about how great you think you are. And finally, we don't care facebookers and twatters. We don't care. We care when it's not arrogant and braggy, but when it is, we don't care. And yes, I lumped you into this "we." You know you're a part of the "we."

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Have you ever noticed that everyone eats their eggs differently? Isn't that interesting? I mean, people all over the world eat eggs and everyone eats them in a different way. People like them fried or they like them scrambled. They like them boiled or they like them raw. What? Rocky did. For the billions of people who eat eggs, there are just as many ways to eat them.
For all our differences, we are all frighteningly similar. There are people who are Christians, there are people who aren't. There are people who are Japanese, there are people who aren't. There are people who hate Americans, there are people who don't. But we all have that one common ground. People.
I've often asked myself why we can't just get along. Why is it that people across the world are so focused on fighting with each other in an effort to have peace? As long as history has been recorded, people have been killing each other. Even in the Bible, bloodbaths everywhere, some of which sanctioned by God Himself. So I suppose that the hope for a pacifist peaceful society is a fool's dream if even the Bible is riddled with combat and death.
So where does that leave us? Stuck? Helpless? I don't know. It's not a comforting thought really. But as I said last night, hope is important. It's important because without it, all we are left with is being stuck and helpless. We need hope for today, hope for the future, hope for Heaven, hope for ourselves and hope for others. We need that hope because that hope is the truth. Our truth. The truth of what could be. The truth that peace will win out one day. The truth that everything we blindly believe in isn't a lie.
So it's funny to me that people all like their eggs a different way, yet billions eat eggs. For our many differences, we are all too similar to each other. And we all need that hope. Because without it, we're stuck.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On a floating stage?

How many ways can we say "Go against the grain, fight what authority tells us to do, God isn't important, all that matters is love?" That's what I kept asking myself as I watched Spring Awakening.The characters are funny and the "shocking" things they do on stage to make the musical edgy work on a surface level, but the baseline of the story is nothing that Rent didn't cover 15 years ago. But young audiences flock to musicals such as this because they talk about the things that churches don't talk about and make the audience feel like they should follow their heart and disregard what they've been taught in the past.
Some of the music is really great, but some of it sounds like the songs were just thrown in like a jukebox musical, and so many of them end so abruptly that the entire musical has the start and stop quality to it that I found really jarring. Not as jarring as the random moment in the musical where Lea Michelle begs Jonathan Groff to beat the crap out of her and then sobs hysterically when he does it. That's before they have sex on a floating stage.
I knew when this show came out that it was the same as Rent, just in a different time period, but I knew it was trying to do for this generation what Rent did for another generation and I think it succeeded mostly in doing that. But that's kinda a backhanded compliment because I think they were so similar that I was expecting the entire cast to sing "No day but today" at the end of the finale.
I feel like musical theater kids feel like they need an anti-establishment musical to relate to, obsess over and make too important in their lives. It's like a theatrical rite of passage that's the trendy thing to do. It's always trendy to love the anti-establishment musical. Not that there isn't a place for musicals that speak to the more subversive elements of culture. Hair did it, Rent did it and now Spring Awakening has done it. The thing is, I feel like Hair and Rent leave you with a feeling of hope and Spring Awakening tried to do that but didn't quite reach that place. Hope is important. People need hope. And I guess people who love Spring Awakening could perceive hope because they want it to exist there, but the other two shows have blatant hope smeared all over the stage at the end of the shows, which is why both of those shows have stood the test of time. Hope is important.
So in the end, the show was a mixed bag of cliches, funny characters, recycled ideas, songs that went from great to eh and great performances by the actors that millions of teenagers now associate with Glee and their squeeky clean television images. Clearly they haven't seen the sex on the floating stage.

Behind the choreographers?

What is Lance Bass doing at the filming of So You Think You Can Dance? I mean, he's sitting in the row behind the choreographers. What has he done lately? I ask you. What has he done?
This made me think about other "celebrities" whose existence is rather pointless and whether or not they have done anything lately to warrant being on the cover of a magazine.
1. Kim Kardashian. She has a big butt and did a sex tape. So what? But she does have a reality show, so she gets a free pass from me because she has a show (however dumb it may be) on television and so she is doing something publicly to warrant the attention.
2. Katie Holmes. Enough said.
3. Paris Hilton. Look. She did that show, she was a whore and now she's very plain. Which I think is fantastic for her as a person. She should be plain because she is plain. But she isn't doing anything to warrant being in the public eye and if you notice, she isn't out there as much. So maybe she has learned from her own mistakes and has changed. Either that, or she wants that inheritance and is playing nice to get it. Either way, all parties win.

But as Lance sits there taking up space, the new dancer Alex and the flawless Allison just blew my mind on this show. I mean, there have been some really incredible dances on this show, and that got me thinking. Which are the ones that I consider to be the best?

Allison and Ivan did a routine with an umbrella that showed their 'Sexy Love.' If you'll remember, Allison was the best female dancer that this show has ever had and one of the reasons to keep watching the show this season.

There was that Mia dance with Lacey and Kameron when she put her aaaaaarrms around him.

There was the park bench which has become famous.

There was Bleeding Love with Mark and Chelsey that was amazing on TV and amazing in person on the tour.
Speaking of Mark, lets not forget the Sonya routine with Courtney when they showed me what my favorite form of dancing was.

And last but not least, the addiction dance with Kayla and Kapono that was probably the best dance I've ever seen on this show.

I've said before that in order to be successful, a stage show has to make you feel something. I feel like SYTYCD is able to do that in a way that other TV shows aren't really able to do, which is why it's been successful and why I get so irritated when they start messing with it. As much as having the "all-stars" there makes this season more like one big finale show than an actual competition, the dancing has been really tremendous.So here's to you SYTYCD. Here's to providing some really meaningful moments in the past and I hope they are able to keep coming because without it, we might as well just watch Dancing with the Stars.


When was the last time you ran through the sprinklers? I think for me, it was elementary school, around 20 years ago...until this weekend.
I began my 27th year on this planet this weekend and that night, after all the food, the fun, and making smores outside on the fire pit (for real and they were gourmet even), we headed to the park to take self indulgent pictures of ourselves. After visiting one park and having to jet because of some shadiness, we found a park that I've been going to since I was in junior high. It just so happens that the sprinklers in the park were on (because conservation of water is important kids so water your lawn at night). Yes. Yes we sure did take off into those sprinklers. Yes, we acted 7 on my 27th birthday. And yes, it was wonderful.
It's okay to act like a kid every now and then. Kids don't give a crap about anything except having fun. As we get older, we get so bogged down with responsibilities and things we have to do. Not to say that we should act like children all the time, that would be asinine. But it's okay to let go and run through Times Square or take a picture every 3 steps in the Gaylord Texan or run through the sprinklers of a closed park at midnight. It's life and it only happens once. I say go for it.

I'll take a D

It's a great day when Kathy Griffin is back on the D-List and of course there is a ton of ridiculousness that will take place on this show this summer.
Here's the thing with this first episode: She's filming her guest star segment on Law and Order and since she's been doing stand up and reality shows for so long, she hasn't done the "real acting" thing in years. So she's not able to get her lines right and she keeps messing up.
She's back in her dressing room and there's this moment where she starts crying because of how insecure she is and how inadequate she feels on the set. It was this really rare moment when her hard facade cracks and you see the person underneath.
Celebrities don't usually want that persona cracked, it's all about maintaining an image. But for Kathy, she seems to be able to get away with anything because she knows that doing the ridiculous brings her more fans. She's offensive, irreverent and a little obnoxious and it's for all of these reasons that I continue to watch.

8 minutes with Alejandro

Let me say something from the beginning. I did not like GaGa's video for "Telephone" until they started dancing. The entire time, I was asking how this epic dance song can have a video absent any real dancing. Then they danced for a bit and moved back to not dancing anymore. I don't care what people said about it, I don't care how brilliant people thought it was or how great people said it was. I think there were a million other choices that could have been made for that video and she didn't make any of them.
BUT - her new video for the overplayed "Alejandro" is quite interesting. Interesting because it's not original in the slightest. Interesting because it doesn't make any sense. Interesting because the male dancers are wearing women's high heels. And interesting because it's twice as long as the song for no real reason. But for all the disconnects, I couldn't not keep watching. It's just interesting.
There are people who are going to like everything she does no matter what. I am not that person. But for some reason, I did like this video and with the above listed reasons why it's not good, surely you can sense my inner confusion. But I feel like the tone of this video goes with the song and that's really what a video is supposed to do.
Would I rather watch Miley's video where she's a bird? Yes. I think that's one of the best "traditional" music videos that's come out in a while. Plus, I think that all the faux-controversy surrounding Miley is fascinating. I mean, she's got to be loving all the free press with her new album coming out soon and everything. Personally, I think Miley's video
should get more attention than it's receiving, but "Alejandro" has got it's own vibe that works with the song. Also, the dancing in the video is good...really good. GaGa's principle dancers Mark and Jeremy are capable of doing pretty much anything, so you can at least always count on them being awesome in her videos and performances. But it's most entertaining to see GaGa try to make political and religious statements and fail to coherently do either. Again. I like the video, against all the odds. Is it going to make me think about the state of my life? No. Am I crossing over and becoming a GaGa fanatic? No. But I was entertained for 8 minutes which is so much better than being bored for 8 minutes right?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Themey Gummy Katy

I like Katy Perry.
I know. Forgive me.
Here's the deal. She isn't trying to be anyone else. She's just doing what she does best, fun music with colorful costumes and fun performances and I completely respect that. Plus, she's got a fun summer song on the radio that's so catchy and stays in your head all day long. Even east coast people can appreciate it. I mean, we Americans love that New York is the best city in the world so why shouldn't we love our California girls? Right?
So her video for her song came out today and I was really excited about seeing it since I saw that it was a candy coated bubblegum pop wonderland, which is exactly what it was.
Now, for a while there, I was wondering, "How does this have anything at all to do with Cali?" But about halfway through, there they are, dancing on the beach of this candyland. It's a stretch, but I think it works. Plus, I will give the director props for finding a way to include Snoop into the plot of the video without him seeming random. It all works.
Here's the thing. GaGa wears the most ridiculous things she can find to get her picture taken in. That's fine. But with the exception of the bubble dress, she doesn't wear things that are really that creative. The thing that Katy Perry does so well is be themey. How about a dress that looks like a watermelon? Or a dress with dice and poker chips on it when singing about Vegas? Well, here she's wearing a dress that looks like she's wrapped in candy buttons. Themey at it's finest.
This music video works in all the best ways. It's entertaining, it's mildly inappropriate, and the fun of the video reflects the fun of the song and the singer. AND, at the beginning of the video when the gummy bear flips Katy Perry off, that might be my single favorite thing I've ever seen in a music video.

Once upon a...

Coming off of seeing Wicked a few days ago, I was very much in the mood to see another classic tale retold. So I began watching Once Upon a Mattress, the TV musical made a few years ago featuring a then unknown Matthew Morrison and Carol Burnett. I've seen this musical before. My sister was in it in high school. But it's fun to revisit.
Here's the deal. I was struck by how much this musical reminded me of Wicked in a way. The realization happened during Tracy Ullman's...yes Tracy Ullman's...first song "Shy." It's this peppy and big show number about how she's shy which is kinda like the peppy and happy sounding "What is this Feeling" from Wicked. So I started to realize that these two shows weren't that different.
The "Dancing Through Life" number from Wicked is reminiscent to "The Spanish Panic" in Mattress, Fiyero is like the Prince, Madame Morrible is like the Queen. No. The plot line isn't the same. But the archetypes are all there and I think it's important that they are.
I think it's interesting how the classic musical theater formula is still hard a work in theaters across the world. While so many new shows are trying to go against the grain and do something different, it's interesting to me that the biggest show in the world is a traditional Broadway musical. New "edgy" shows come and go and if they're lucky, they stick around for a little bit, but the biggest shows are the ones that follow the formula that epitomizes the American invention of musical theater. The archetypes that transcend decades of theater make it approachable to wide audiences, but even more than that, they create the tradition of characters that people can buy into.
Consider it at least. The classic Broadway musical is what the masses want to see. It's what made Once Upon a Mattress so enjoyable and what is making Wicked over a million dollars a week in New York. And if you can't sleep, check under the mattress for a pea.

Monday, June 14, 2010

tony, tony, tony, tony

Last year, the Tony Awards were a really incredible night of theater. There were big name shows that had big audiences and big musical numbers that were both interesting and memorable. This year, that wasn't really the case.
In an effort to make the shows more approachable, they had them all sing songs that the audience might know as the opening of the show. But it didn't really work. There wasn't anything connecting it all together. Remember last year when all of the nominees sang "Let the Sunshine in" together and it was a really great Broadway moment? Right. There was no such moment this year.
I think the producers knew that the shows weren't as interesting as they were last year and that they needed something to get viewers to watch. What to do? Bring on Lea Michele. I get that Matthew Morrison also sang, but it was really all about Lea. It was almost like she told all of the other women singers to suck it because she was infinitely better than all of the other vocalists on the show.
Sean Hayes was funny and not overbearing, the dance performances from Come Fly Away and Promises Promises were really great, and out of the cast performances, the eventual big winner, Memphis, was the most entertaining. But here's the deal. I love theater and know more about it than someone who just goes to see a show when they're in New York on vacation, but I also understand the fact that shows can't survive on the theater geeks. You have to appeal to a wide audience to make it.
For instance. I saw Wicked last night. WIDE. AUDIENCE. Didn't win the Tony. Didn't need to. These shows that were on the Tonys don't have the appeal that I think they need to enjoy any sort of long-term success. That's why I feel that the Tonys were not a success because while people were awarded and we loved seeing how surprised Catherine Zeta Jones was when she won and how clueless Denzel Washington was when he won, the shows were forgettable. So while Memphis may have won this big prize, it stands to be seen whether or not it will make it to the fall.
I believe a show has to make you feel something in order to be considered a success and the shows last night didn't really make me feel anything. Perhaps next season will be more exciting.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Sharlto factor

This summer hasn't been the greatest for movies and it doesn't look to get much better. There is an absence of really great films on the Hollywood agenda this year and so it's made for slim pickins' for audiences and even slimmer box office totals. Having said that, I saw one of the few great movies.
When I hear that they are making an old TV show into a movie, I am immediately skeptical. I loved the Charlie's Angels movies but since then, the movies made from TV shows haven't been so great. Starsky and Hutch? Eh. Dukes of Hazzard? No. So when I heard that they were making an A-Team movie, I wasn't exactly chomping at the bits to see it. Then, to make matters worse, I thought that the trailer made it look even more boring than what I thought it would be.
I went and saw it though and I can tell you that I not only liked it, but I think it might have been the best movie I've seen so far this summer. Here's why: It delivered. It was 2 hours of stuff blowing up and they win in the end. It was exactly what you wanted it to be. Plus, the cast is better than you think it is going to be. Bradley Cooper has been spot on in his previous roles over the past couple years and Liam Neeson is good in everything, but the real gem of this movie is Sharlto Copley, the dude from District 9. He was awesome in District 9 and is awesome again in this movie, just in a completely different way. It seems like he's the kind of actor who can do anything you throw at him. I mean, he kinda made the movie work. Pretty much.
Speaking of actors who can do anything. I was waiting in the theater for A-Team to start and a trailer with Adrian Brody comes on the screen. He hasn't had the best luck with movies lately. Splice anyone? But I'm watching and figure out that it's the new Predators movie. I'm sorry. What? Since when did an Oscar winner need to be in a Predators movie? I think this calls for a new agent.
Anyway, while Sex and the City 2 & Shrek were better than the critics said they were and Prince of Persia was entertaining, I think it's fair to say that A-Team is both the best and most unexpectedly entertaining film of the summer thus far.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just a jump to the left

I've never really been a huge fan of Rocky Horror and so I've never tried to invest much time in it. I saw it a long time ago, didn't get it, and moved on. It wasn't until I started watching it this time that I realized that I haven't actually seen it all the way through. Now I know that there are many people out there who LOVE this show and do the whole midnight showings thing and dress up and know every word and sing along...I am not one of those people.
But as it was on television tonight, I decided to give it a go. I've come up with four things that it has taught me.

First. We could all use a pair of gold Chucks like Rocky. They're hard to miss on Rocky since he's not wearing much else, but hey, gold shoes are in. Just watch So You Think You Can Dance or
any awards show. Gold shoes are in.

Second. Scoliosis is a big deal.

Third. Susan Sarandon has come a long way. I mean, from here to winning an Oscar is quite the climb. But then I look at other people who have won the Oscar and think the exact same thing. Halle Berry in The Flinstones Movie? Nicole Kidman in Batman Forever? Quite the difference between then and their acceptance speeches.
Fourth. Weight loss is a big deal in our country today and people are doing whatever they can to slim down to look like the folks in Hollywood do. Apparently, we've missed the boat on this one. Apparently the key to looking perfect is to be mummified, get in the rainbow box and then when you emerge, you will be perfect looking. It's like a Frankenstein cocoon. (or in this case a Frank-N-Furter cocoon)
So I can now say that I've seen this film all the way through, for better or worse, and I now know these four things. I get why it would be such a camp classic. It reminded me a lot of Barbarella in the way that it's just kinda ridiculous escapist entertainment, which there's nothing wrong with. I will say this, like all ridiculous camp classics, I love that this movie just ends. I mean, it's really impressive actually. Kill and third of the cast, send a third of the cast to another planet and have the last third of the writhing around in a smoky crater. The End. It's perfect.

Rotten tomatoes

Bad movies fill the theaters all the time and I always wonder how they get made. You know, they spend so much money on making these films and distributing them all across the world and yet where is quality control? It's something I've never really understood. I guess it's because bad movies still make money and while I can't understand how that is, it's true.
So today, I saw two of these movies.

The first was MacGruber. I know. How could I? Well I did because Kristen Wiig is in it and she's
comedic perfection and Ryan Phillipe is in it and he was in Cruel Intentions, one of the greatest movies of the 90s. It got rancid reviews and no one really went to see it either, even though you could tell that Saturday Night Live was putting a great many eggs into this movie's basket. They even had Ryan Phillipe host one week and did about 1000 MacGruber spots during the big Betty White episode.
It's interesting though, when I finally watched the movie, it's not as bad as they made it sound. It's not good. Don't get me wrong. It's not good. But there were a few moments that made me laugh. I get that a comedy is supposed to have more that just a few moments in it that make you laugh and this only had about three, so that doesn't exactly make it a 4 star film. The problem wasn't the cast and it wasn't even really the plot. It's the same plot as most action movies. The problem lies in the fact that the sketch on SNL isn't all that interesting or funny. So there isn't a lot to go off of there. I do think there was a way to make this work in the way that Anchorman worked, this just wasn't really the way.

The second film I watched was Fame, the remake of the American classic. Now I will say this, there was no reason for this movie to be bad, especially in a world where High School Musical made a billion dollars. It has everything that should make a good movie. Musical numbers, teenagers striving for success, and a theme song that's a standard. But I could tell from the trailer that everything that was exciting in this movie was in the trailer.
Here's the deal. It's not unwatchable. The performance scenes are actually fun to watch, especially because the dancers are really professionals and not high school kids. I was able to pick out a few that I recognized, including Jeremy Hudson who has been dancing like a freak with the GaGa. (He's moderately incredible, just sayin) But the story about these kids, the whole point of the movie, is so thin that it's barely recognizable. And, the vocalists in the movie weren't really what I would expect in a movie that's about being a gifted performer. I mean, I've heard better in the theater department at my school. So I was a little disappointed in that because I expected stellar. (there are of course an exception or two)
It was basically like watching a two hour long music video, which for some people is a splendid time at the movies. But I usually go to the movies because I want to see a story told and sadly, there's still a lot of story to be told in this movie. As far as the studio is concerned, it made about three times as much as it cost to make, so it was kinda a success.

Bad movies will continue to fill the theaters, especially this summer where there is such a void of great movies on the ballot for 'summer smash,' but that's okay. It just makes the good movies that much better.

Go go go Joseph

I've seen a kid's production of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat before but I've never really seen the show how it's meant to be seen. So instead of watching a legit version of it to really see what it's about, I made the brilliant decision to watch the Donny Osmond version. Here's the rundown:
Donny Osmond as Joseph, Joan Collins at Potiphar's wife, and John Hammond...I mean Richard Attenborough as Jacob.
Here's the problem. I kinda liked it. The soundtrack had this whole children's choir in the background which I love and there were actually something fairly creative moments in it. I mean, who knew that they line danced in ancient Israel or that the Pharaoh was an Elvis impersonator? But then you see Donny Osmond again and are thrown back into questioning why you're watching this at all. I mean, it's Donny Osmond. I didn't grow up watching him and Marie. The only thing people my age know about them is that Marie used to be crazy and fat and now
she's crazy and skinny and has fake hair. Donny's the more normal of the two but it's just too hard to get past.
So ends yet another Biblical musical, complete with Donny Osmond, Elvis, John Hammond, a children's choir that comes out of no where, line dancing and Joan Collins. Just as Moses would have wanted the story told.

I've got 'Company'

There are few times in life when you instantly connect with something and it just clicks. Last night, I had such a moment when I watched the Broadway revival of "Company" from 2006.
You know when you hear such great things about something and people go on and on about it and you watch it with this expectation that it will be everything that people have said about it? That's a dangerous place to be in because since entertainment is so subjective, you are setting yourself up for failure.
This didn't fail. I didn't want it to end. I don't really know what else to say about because I don't have anything to criticize or comment on. The music was wonderful, the characters were real and funny and Raul Esparza was kinda perfect in the role.
I think what I loved about it was that it was so effortless. It just unfolded with such ease and the music was so enticing I just couldn't stop watching. I usually have to sit and think about show for a long time after they are over. I do that with films too. I hate when we are walking out of the movie theater after seeing a thought-provoking film and people are immediately like, "So what did you think?" That's obnoxious to me. I like to think about it. Not so much romantic comedies or action movies or something like that. I can give you a snap judgement on fluff films. But legit films require more time. The same goes with theater for me. Hairspray? Instantly loved it. The Lion King? Loved it by the time the lights came up on the giraffes in the first minute of the show. With Company, I was hooked after the first song and when it was all over, I verbally said "Well I just love that."
I like a great many shows, but I will be adding Company to that list. It was one of the best I've seen.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nothing to scream about

Hey! I've got an idea! Why don't we send the So You Think You Can Dance judges to each of the contestants homes to tell them in person whether or not they have made the show?! Wouldn't that be a genius move?!
In yet another questionable move made in a long series of questionable moves on this show, Nigel pulled the dumbest one out of the hat for tonight's episode. So, he sends the judges out to go into the homes of the dancers, to sit there with their families and tell them whether or not they have made it or not...except for the fact that Nigel mostly stayed in his office and called people. How lame. I mean really, this could have been expedited and done on the stage, as is has for seasons, and it would have been fine. But no, we had to heighten the awkward.
I get that they thought they were heightening the suspense. But this isn't Hitchcock. This is reality TV. Actually, this isn't even the type of reality TV that warrants suspense. It's not like the preview where Tyra is gonna yell at that dumb girl or when the dude fell over the wall on The Real World and we thought he was gonna die. No. This is SYTYCD. Even more than that, it's an already questionable season of SYTYCD.
So, the episode of faux-suspense and me faux-caring is dragging on for far too long, full of Nigel thinking that his job is VERY important, not a single Mary Murphy scream all season so far (and none in sight since she won't be on the panel), and Cat Deeley, as lovely as she is, is looking Olive Oil thin and I feel like she needs a donut. Here's hoping they can somehow forge a diamond out of this apparent coal pile
of a season so far.

Don't you get me wrong now

I'm watching "Jesus Christ Superstar" at the moment, a film I've never seen but know a few songs from. It's Tony week so I'm watching some shows that I feel like I should have seen but for some reason just never have.All I've ever heard about this show is how sacrilegious it is and how evil it is.
Actually, I interned at Times Square Church five years ago and the church bought the Broadway theater that Jesus Christ Superstar originally opened in, the Mark Hellinger Theater. And let me tell you, they will be the first to tell you that the stage that the atrocity that is "Jesus Christ Superstar" was on is no longer used for the devil's work.
But here's the deal, I'm watching it and I'm thinking to myself, it's not really all that bad. I mean, all the plot points of the story are there, and maybe it's told in a slightly-less-than-conservative-Judeo-Christian method of storytelling, but it's got the story and the celebration of His victory at the end. And let me tell you, I wish the finales of the Easter pageants at church had been as fun as this finale was. Singing disco angels celebrating because He's risen? That's how things should have been.
Now I get why people have such hang-ups with this show. I do get it. They insinuate that JC and Mary had a thing going (even if only feelings) and the resurrection isn't as pronounced as the stone rolling and such, but really people, I don't get what the big deal is.
Sidenote: I love me some Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cats is one of my favorite things ever, but I wasn't a real big fan of the music in this show. There were only a few stand out numbers. But that's okay. I've seen it, I've experienced it and now I can talk intelligently about it. I've got a few musicals that I will be watching before the Tonys on Sunday. Expect more reviews.

Monday, June 7, 2010


I am in the best mood I may have ever been in. It's a stark possibility.
Why? I'm so glad you asked.
I had quality time today with two of my best ladies for starters. Is there really a better way to spend a lunch and a dinner? There's not.
In the middle of those two conversations about life, love, the pursuit of happiness a
nd hormones on the fritz, I finally received closure on the book that I've been working on for a year. See, I finished it and turned it in two weeks ago, but it wasn't going to be really a closed chapter of my life until I turned in the final proofs. Today, I was
able to take the time to perfect the final pages of this chapter of my life and I couldn't be happier with the results.
Closure is important. People need closure on things so they can move on. Speaking of moving on, I was told today that I have quite an uncanny ability to do just that. I can close chapters of my life and it's good and shut. I wasn't always that way. I was involved with directing a fine arts program for 6 or 7 years and letting that chapter of my life go was slow and painful. I think I learned from that situation that the gradual isn't really the way that I can function. I've got to function in a sort of blunt mentality. But I'll say that I haven't abandoned my gradual methodologies all together, I've just let them evolve to work in tandem with my blunt nature. For instance, when I was prepping to move out of my apartment, I took all the pictures off the wall gradually over a week's time. That way, by the time I had to actually move out, it was quick. Like ripping a band-aid off.
Another example? You got it. I was the leader of an organization on campus, one that I was very involved with for two years. But when it came time to close that chapter, SLAM. It was over and shut. Heartless? No. It was just time to move on. It was great when it was there, now it was time to move along.
Moving along...
As if the understanding of my own blunt mentality mixed with the closure of finishing what I started wasn't great enough, I got to do one of my favorite things on the entire Earth: Drive down the tollway in the middle of the night, singing with the windows down and the dance music blasting. I think it might be when I am at my happiest.
Now, as I lay in bed, I'm watching some television and writing. It's like I've done so many of my favorite things all in one day. Other people may be out there trying to change the world and plug oil leaks. Me? I'm singing on the tollway, happy as a boy could be. (Really, after being sick for so long and my throat being closed up for a week, being able to sing again brought the joy back into my life.) I've got the joy. And it feels great.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Overheard at Walmart

So I'm at Walmart this afternoon and I'm waiting in line at customer service. The Plano-mom in the next line over is talking on her cellphone via her headset and her response to what was said on the other end of the line was, "I heard that on Tony Robbins' tweet."
First off, the headset cell phones should only be used in the car or when you are doing something around the house. Never in public. Maybe if you've got a bunch of kids with you and you need your hands free to grab their little ears...but no. Not even then. Especially not then. Hang up the phone and tend to your children because there are people like me out there that won't hesitate to stick my foot out to trip them if they're running or throw things at them with them intention of knocking them over.
Second off, Tony Robbins? Really? Tweeting? Really? Look. I've got a twitter account and I can tell you that my life would be no worse off if I didn't have it. But I do because I like to see the pictures that people take of random things. But for real? Tony Robbins? I thought he disappeared a long time ago. Apparently, people still listen to him and his horse face, which I find sad. It's time to move on Plano-mom. Time to move on.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I feel so proud

Plano, Texas made the national news today because one of its citizens was arrested for possession of pot. Just so happens that that citizen is none other than Chace Crawford, an actor on the show Gossip Girl and patron of my brother's gym off the tollway.
I laughed a little when I saw it, not because I'm heartless or anything, but because my first thought when I read that was, 'Well duh. Everyone that age in Plano has pot.'
So it's funny to me that he got caught. I mean really. People have to be smarter than the police. Especially in Plano where all the lights have cameras on them so the cops have nothing better to do than to bust rich kids who are hanging out in a parking lot with pot. So I don't feel bad for Chace in this situation. Either make better decisions or don't get c
aught making shady decisions.
I've never been arrested. No, I have been smarter than that (to date). The closest I've ever come to that was when I was in high school and we were on a toilet-papering spree one night and the cops pulled onto the street at the same time as we were just getting going on a house. Well we, being good Christian kids, ran like hell and hid where ever we could. It wasn't a great block for hiding on so I remember hiding underneath a car that was parked on the side of the street. I remember sliding underneath it inbetween the curb and the car and having to hide under there for a good long time. The cops drove by so slowly it was like they weren't even moving, and I remember at one point, they got out and walked up to where we had been "working," searching with flashlights. I guess we fooled them because they took off. Turned out, most of us (we were a pack) climbed out from underneath the cars lining the street.
The point of the story? No mug shots there. So it's too bad for Chace. Sounds like he needed a car to hide under. Either that, or the wisdom to spend his Gossip Girl money on something more useful like a Chia-pet or season of Frasier.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I've been quiet for about four days now because my throat has been swollen shut. So every part of me that involves the sounds that come out of my mouth has been corked for four days. Needless to say, the pressure behind that cork is mounting. On top of that, I've got the most unnerving case of writer's block. So my other primary outlet is swollen shut too. And of course the two problems complicate each other.
What do I usually do to snap myself out of writer's block is get on a treadmill and sweat it out. But because I've been sick, I can't do that. I've started a few new projects but I can't make it past the first few sentences really.
So here I am. Writing about my inability to write. Watching a documentary about how Broadway shows get to the stage and realizing that I while I usually agree with film critics, I usually disagree completely with theater critics. Remember when Avenue Q beat Wicked at the Tonys? How ridiculous.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I have an opinion

I'm opinionated. Shocking. I know. So I've two polar-opposite opinions to give you, both of which are shocking.

Christina Aguilera's new album Bionic is a mess. An absolute mess. Here's the deal. I was SO looking forward to this album and though I've posted many times about how she doesn't have an original bone in her body, I still like her. So I heard she was working with all of these European trance artists that I like so I was stoked to hear this album. So I went into being really excited about it. Then the music started.
Here's the deal. It's a fine album for a trance artist that can't really sing. But that's n
ot the case with Christina. She can sing. So why is she sounding like
a robot? Why is she singing about how her woo-hoo tastes like cake? Why is
there an entire song about her wanting to make out with herself in the mirror because she thinks she's so hot? BUT WAIT - in the middle of the raunch-fest that is her album, she's got 4 songs that are true to who she actually is. Her, singing a slow song. That's what she's best at. Granted, the song that she sang on the Haiti Relief telethon, Lift You Up, was much better live with just strings and a piano than with all the production on the album. I was really looking forward to this album and out of 18 tracks, I think I only liked 7.
So while I was super excited about hearing this album, it left me wishing I could have been in the studio with her, telling her to stop all of this and just make the music that people want to hear from her. Why does Celine make the same kind of music over and over? Because that's what we want. Same with Britney. We want dancy and fun. She delivers. Christina would rather sing about how Glam she is. (The song Glam should have been in a High School Musical movie and not on a legit album) Sorry Christina. Oh! and I love how confident she is about this album and how arrogant she is...and then her live performances are dreadful. I just love that.

So from that album full of high expectations, I move on to a different album that I had no expectations about at all. Tiao Cruz's album Rocstarr. He's one of the many guys who are popping up everywhere on the radio. They all sound the same, sing the same, blah blah blah. Well, I like his single so I listened to his album today. It's really great.
You know, it's like he figured out that the sound of the single is what is on the radio now, so he made an entire album of that sound, and I love it. He's a good singer, a mix between Usher and the lead singer of Coldplay (at times) and it's the kind of album that I can listen to from start to finish and not have any sort of adverse reaction to any of the songs. That is not the case for Mrs. Aguilera's album. I found myself being s
hocked at how dirrty her album really was.
So, the British import that is Taio Cruz has my mark of approval. His album is great and I saw the music video today and he's not dancing around like he's trying to be Usher. I appreciate that. We only need one Usher.
There's a lot of good new music out there. Flo-Rida and Nelly Furtado's song "Jump" is crazy fun, "Find Your Love" by Drake is really swanky, "Fight for this Love" by Cheryl Cole is like a chilled out party song, Kelly Rowland's new song "Commander" is kinda incredible, and even Enrique Iglesias' new song "I Like It" is a refreshing splash of the glory days of Marc Anthony, J-Lo and Ricky Martin. It's a good time for music. The music industry might be telling the world they are in turmoil, but it's allowing some really good music to cut to the head of the pack. Sadly for Christina, I think that while she was writing songs about her woo-hoo, other people took her place in line.
(Did you catch my dirrty reference earlier? It was good)

Dancing bedpans would have been more entertaining

The last time I was in a doctor's office because I was sick was about 8 years ago. That could mean that I am just a resilient healthy person or that I'm a stubborn moronic person. Either way, the last time I was in a doctor's office was 8 years ago and I've gotta say, not a lot has changed (save for the flat screens in all the rooms).
Pertaining to these flat screens in all the rooms, I have a question for these doctors. Is playing the Hannah Montana movie really a way to make us feel better? I mean, I think that has the adverse reaction to making people feel better. Allow me to explain.
This is not a pediatrician's office. If it were, then the Hannah Montana movie would make so much sense. Actually, in the kid's area over in the corner, there was a different TV that was playing Wall-E. So it wasn't like the kids were lacking in entertainment. But no, rather than playing CNN or something that would provide the widest audience with the most applicable information, they were showing the Hannah Montana movie.
Now I've never seen said movie and I pride myself in not ever having seen an episode of the show. Nothing against Miley. She's done some good stuff honestly. But I can't watch Disney channel shows. I was raised on Nickelodeon, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Eureka's Castl
e, Fraggle Rock, Animaniacs, Rescue Rangers, Tailspin and Tiny Toons. I like my fictional children's television characters to either be animated or muppets. Anyway, I'm stuck in this room waiting on them to come in and tell me that I indeed do have strep throat and
fork over the meds so I can get the grapefruits in my throat to stop swelling. So I'm watching this movie...
I'm so sorry. I can get on board with why kids would like her. I get that. But Billy Ray.
What in the world is he doing? There are so many things wrong with this man. The flat-ironed and mistakenly highlighted hair that would make even Seacrest nauseous, the "acting," and the silly d
ialogue just tangled together to create a sort of rat-king of shtick. So bad.
I got the perscription, I got outta there and away from Miley, and went to the pharmacy to get it filled, where the nice woman asked me when I needed it filled, I think my response involved setting my hand on the counter and telling her 'as soon as humanly possible.'
I got the meds eventually, and things seem to be turning around. But really. Billy Ray? There's no excuse for any of that.