Saturday, May 1, 2010

Who is she now?

It is with great sadness that I write about Christina Aguilera. This poor girl. I feel bad for her really.
This week, her new video premiered and it celebrates everything that is popular right now in culture: latex, married women kissing girls in bondage, dancing in the rain in your know, all that America stands for. But you know, the fact that I find this to be the dirtiest video ever made isn't even that big of a deal. It's that it doesn't make any sense.
Why? Why Christina? Why should a girl who can sing like she can have to parade about in such a silly video concept? It's as if she doesn't know who she is.
Remember when her first video came out? Who was she being then? Britney.
What about her second album? Who was she being then? Pink.
Now who is she being? Gaga.
Of course there was the one album that was the throwback album. She wasn't really being anyone then. But of course, that was a momentary lapse in her bad judgment and she's back again to being someone else.
Sure, I like the song, but that's because it sounds like what's popular right now. It's just like everything else. There's nothing new about it. So while she will continue on her press tour talking about how this is her new direction and how she's reinventing music, we all know that's not true. Perhaps she should go back to school and figure out who she is. Rather, maybe she should go back home to her husband and child instead of open-mouth kissing other girls in her video.

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