Monday, May 24, 2010

When I think of home...

What does it mean to pack up a life, to pick up everything from its natural place and displace it to somewhere else, and to take the existence you've created and alter it?
As I was moving my things out of my apartment today, I found it interesting how frustrated I became. Not because it was taking so long, but because I was frustrated that I am up-heaving my life again. I feel like I've moved a lot in the past. One year, I moved four times. So the four years I've spent here have been the longest I've lived someplace that wasn't my parents' house. It's safe to say that it was my first "place."
But as I move my things out and enter the next 6 months of the unknown, I guess that's it then. I have to go back to the apartment tomorrow to clean it up and get a few straggler items, but it won't be going home. It will probably be really depressing actually. Like a Baby Gap.

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