Sunday, May 16, 2010

Promises, promises

Usually around this time of the year, I start blogging about television season finales and how they are important on some sort of meta-cultural level and have a deeper meaning than the cliffhanger meant to hook us until the fall but I'm going to save my finale post for Lost and dispense with making other finales seem important.
Perhaps I'm a little bitter. Yeah. I think I am. You see, finales promise us so much. They promise us that we will tie up loose ends, promise something spectacular or something dramatic happens that could alter the course of a show. Really, season finales are like gifts from the show to the viewer, thanking them for their investment in a show and giving them the drama that they seek.
But so far, I'm kinda disappointed. The SNL finale wasn't funny (except for Stefan...sorry Alec), the Housewives finale promised something we'd be talking about all summer and there wasn't a single thing in it that would warrant that, and my favorite show on television, Brothers and Sisters, stuffed a really really predictable storyline in there and it just wasn't necessary.
I hate when the endings of things don't live up to the hype. Isn't that the big fear with the Lost finale? That they won't stick the landing? It's kinda like when an album gets really good buzz before it comes out, the artist is on every talk show talking about how this is their finest work, and then the single is "Rude Boy." Disaster.
Sidenote: How terrible is that song? I'm sorry Rihanna, I know that you were lovin life under your umbrella until Chris Brown tried to choke the life out of you, but come on. Really? Rude Boy? It's the dumbest song that's liner notes aren't followed by the words "by Ke$ha" that's on the radio today. Yes. It's even dumber than "Eenie Meenie Minie Moe Lover." I said it. I'd rather listen to the Beibster than listen to Rihanna whine about a rude boy that can't get it up or something.
I'll tell you one album I am looking forward to hearing: Christina's new one. It's got like 18 songs on it or something ridiculous like that and I'm interested in hearing what she tries to do this time, all the while trying to blot out of my mind that she's married with a kid and she's making out with a girl in her new video.
OH! That girl she's making out with? That's Jenna Dewan...Channing Tatum's wife...they were the leads in Step Up. Right. Two married women, in latex, making out. Ridiculousness at it's finest.
But there's always that chance that the album won't be good, leaving me with the same feeling I have about these finales...nice try, good shot, but sorry. Maybe next year.
But I'm gonna hold out hope for the rest of the finales and maybe, just maybe, something on television will be so profound as to warrant a finale post. Maybe...

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